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Younger Finale Recap: I Ship Josh and Liza

“You’re going to leave Inkubator for a man?!” I screamed at my television while watching Younger’s last show ever. I couldn’t fathom Liza breaking up her partnership with Kelsey for Charles. As much as folks shipped the Liza/Charles relationship, I am not convinced he is the man for her, yet here I am at the start of my Younger finale recap wondering, will Liza and Charles end up together? Will Kelsey get a break and get Inkubator off the ground on her own? And where is my beloved Josh and his storyline this season? What are you doing to me writers?!

younger finale recap

Let’s Begin the Younger Finale Recap

It seems that they are giving us a taste of Liza from Paramus. Much like she did when married, moved to the burbs, and left her career as an editor, she is betting it all on tradition. It may seem romantic that she’s fighting for her relationship with Charles, but all I see is regression. Charles is an old fart. A handsome old fart, but his mindset is as archaic and unmovable as the Vatican! What happened to the modernized Liza that we’ve come to know and love throughout the series? She’s bending to societal norms for the love of a man – and I don’t like it one bit!

Think about it. Liza rather remain at Empirical, a dinosaur in the publishing industry that refuses to evolve, rather than continue to develop Inkubator and her career as an entrepreneur with Kelsey. Empirical is safe. Charles is safe. And the Liza we love takes risks! She lies about her age to get a job as a personal assistant at a publishing house., dates younger men, and hangs out with millennials and has a gay BFF and a hopping social life in Brooklyn. A relationship with Charles is as stagnant and unexciting as the life she once left in Jersey.

The Not-So Random Musical Number

I think that was the point of the Broadway musical inspired by Liza’s lies. Writers dropped this scene to remind us of Liza’s journey and the woman she has become. And in the next scene, when Charles opens Quinn’s email and the subsequent Inkubator proposal, we are reminded of who he is – a stoic, stubborn, sensitive, boulder of a man, chiseled chin included. That’s all the fuel he needs to start questioning Liza again. 

Liza also does what she does, pushing Charles to take risks by submitted his unpublished book to Yaddo, a writer’s colony, which he gets into. But he’s too busy passive aggressively asking Liza if she is lying to him. Charles was testing her and she “passed,” as he says. And this is why this relationship can’t work. Liza will always feel like she must prove her trustworthiness and, ultimately, her worthiness.

Real talk, Charlie acts like he’s Liza’s senior. This was the case initially because she was pretending she was in her 20s, but he just can’t loosen up and accept the new, modernized, Brooklyn-residing Liza. He wants Paramus Liza. And she’s long gone.

Give Us More Josh and Kelsey

Do you know who loves Liza just as she is? Do you know who embraces all of her parts, forgives her mistakes, and pushes her to take risks and live life fully? Josh, who’s had the worst (see: nonexistent) storyline this season.

Kelsey also continues to be screwed over by the Younger writers. Her misogynistic boyfriend wants 20% of the Inkubatur deal which leads her to get desperate and run on stage to beg, thank, and beg Charles for…wait, what’s this? She’s going to do it on her own? Go Kelsey! Because that’s who Kelsey is: a badass, go-getter that makes moves. You’re going to make it, girl! And this Younger finale recap is back at girl power!

Ya know who’s not going to make it? Charles and Liza. Sorry to keep repeating myself, but they are THE WORST together – and they finally acknowledge this fact.

“We’re not going to make it, are we?” Liza asks when laying in bed next to Charles. Nah, dog. You’re done-zo.

Because Charles fits with the old Liza Miller. They would have worked out then because, like his typewriter, he’s “old school,” and admits to that. But not too old school to go to Yaddo and leave Liza Empirical? Hmmm, m’kay, writers. What are you doing here?

They’re giving us an Inkubator spin-off in Los Angeles, baby. (Oh, snap! They cancelled the spin-off because Hilary Duff was cast on How I Met Your Father, the How I Met Your Mother spin-off.)

They’re also giving us Josh and Liza! I stan, I am excited, I am waiting with bated breath for that kiss! Instead, we are given something better: their cute banter and authentic chemistry. They’re giving us all the Josh and Liza feels at a dive bar in Williamsburg where it all began.



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