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I Did a Big Thing! A Book Proposal

I did a big thing. I set my sights on something HUGE, something that has always intimidated me. And no, it’s not an anaconda. I got buns, hon, but I don’t want none. 

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I put on my big girl panties (at 42 there a bit larger thanks to my mid-life curves) and I wrote a book proposal. Let’s shout that out.

I Wrote a Book Proposal

For those who’ve followed my journey through social media or have known me since writing poetry in Mr. Bernieri’s Creative Writing class at Phillips Academy Andover, you know how much writing means to me. Those that know me deeply, however, also know how terrified I’ve been to publish a book and write fiction. 

“But, Sujeiry, you did publish a book,” you say. And you are correct. I self-published my first book, Love Trips, and re-released it with bonus stories on February 2019.

I set my sights on a goal, manifested it, and did the work to accomplish said goal. I have a knack for that. Still, as proud as I am to have self-published Love Trips, I’ve always wanted to be recognized as a traditionally published author. My tombstone should read: 

Sujeiry Gonzalez, Published Author and Best Seller with rows of books in Barnes & Nobles (go purchase some copies so her son, Evan, gets the royalties), rests here. 

And did I mention that this is a book proposal for a romance novel? Me. Sujeiry. Lover of writing about her business is creating dynamic Latinx characters and writing about their business. I hardly recognize myself. Especially since I’ve been terrified to touch fiction for years and refused to do so even after meeting a Simon and Shuster editor. That’s a story for another time. 

Today I celebrate writing the first draft of my book proposal. Oh, did I not mention that I have to edit this jammy until it’s perfect?

What Is A Book Proposal

A book proposal is what sells your book idea and who you are as an author. That includes your social media stats, writing credits, if you have any, press hits and clips, and yes, if you have famous and/or influential friends that will help to promote your book (ie. an endorsement).

So you see, it ain’t just about the story. A book proposal and the author of said book must stand out. You want a literary agent to choose your book proposal from the hundreds of proposals in their Inbox. With a quick read of your query letter and a glance at your book proposal they decide if your story and your platform as an author is worthy of representation. Then they get publishers on board. 

It”s A Lot

This is a lengthy process, y’all. One that requires a lot of patience. I am trying to cultivate more patience, I’ve been trying to cultivate more patience for the past 10 years. Because I have no choice but to wait.

My book proposal now sits in the Inbox of one helpful and experienced book coach and two accomplished, Latina best-selling authors, who are my mentors.  It’s been 6 days and I haven’t heard a peep. I’m scared, y’all. 

What if they don’t like my book idea? What if my book proposal didn’t entice them? Is my Dominican voice too fucking Dominican?  Breathe. Breathe, dammit!

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Before you run, here are is the resource that I used as a guide to write my fiction book proposal. I also shared a video of the exact moment when I submitted my book proposal. Watch!




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