Completing your Work In Progress (WIP) can feel like your journeying into the desert.

It's harrowing, it's exhausting, it feels like there may not be a gallon of water at the end of the tunnel.

By now, you know that gallon of water is finishing your WIP. That gallon of water is feeling confident enough to put your writing out there by 

any means necessary. 

I get it, I've been there. As a writer for 14 years and counting, I know that writing can feel like a solitary and exhausting experience that leaves you exasperated. Especially when you don't have a tribe of writers to support you in the damn desert. 

Writers need support and feedback throughout the writing process.

Writers need expert advice.

Writers need other writers to stay motivated.

Writers need to work on their WIP (Work In Progress) constantly in order to be successful. 


writers need the love sujeiry writers lab:
an 8-week online writing group for women

Here is what you will do

 to grow as



THE LOVE SUJEIRY WRITERS LAB launchEs June 2021 AND there are only 6 spots. 

Read Works in Progress (WIP)  

Receive feedback from an intimate group of peers (only 6 slots allowed each cycle!)

Learn about writing tools to guide your journey

Write alongside together during select writing hours

Get direct support from an writing accountability buddy


Learn about being a writer through "Pick My Brain" sessions

So get out of the desert! Quench your thirst for support, motivation, accountability, and creativity with a tribe of women writers. 

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Meet you there!

xoxo, Sujeiy

Win a chance to work directly with me as I provide feedback for your WIP and/or creative career coaching

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