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Where to Go on The First Dates

As a single and almost ready to mingle woman over the age of 40, I want to be wined and dined. The thing is not every man wants to put in the work and money during the first dates. Those few first dates are crucial in the courting stage. The vibe, the effort, and even where you take your interest can make or break your romantic relationship. 

Where should you take your potential bae when you first get together? Here are some ideas: 

Ideas for the First Dates

First date: Dinner

If you’ve met them offline, the best first date is a dinner date. However, if you’ve met your interest on a dating app, keep it simple with a date at a coffee shop or bakery. 

The dinner date is great for a first date because there is more room for conversation. You can also observe their manners. Do they chew with their mouth open or talk with their mouth full of food? Ew! Do they devour their plate and the food off of yours? How rude! 

This date is also a window into their relationship with money. If they ask to go halfsies or stiff you with the bill, you’re looking at a future with Mr. Stingy. 

Second Date: A Lounge or Wine Bar

You’ve made it to the second date, which means you feel chemistry and connection. What better place to grow that za za zoo than at a lounge or a wine bar? With the dim lighting and music in the background, it’s the perfect scene for a super sexy date. You have to get a little closer to hear each other. And when the DJ plays a great song, you can dance the night away and feel the sparks. 

Third Date: The Nightcap

Not everyone makes it to the third date, which means you like each other. And you don’t care where they take you because your mind is already in the gutter. He can take you to a bar, another dinner, or a Broadway musical, but you have other activities on your mind. Enter the nightcap. They drop you off. You invite them up to your place and have your way with them. Or, if you’re more demure, you have a heavy make-out session before you send them on their way till next time. 

The Fourth Date: Mi Casa Su Casa

By the fourth date, you want to rip their clothes off. Unless, of course, you are much more reserved (and there’s nothing wrong with that). If you’re open to getting a little more intimate, invite them over to your place and cook (or order) dinner. However, only invite them to your home if you feel comfortable and safe with them. 

The Fifth Date: Off the Market and On the Couch

The fifth date really changes things. You may have had sex already cause there is no correct time. You may want to be exclusive. So, get comfortable indoors to have “the talk.” If it all goes well, cuddle on the couch and watch your favorite movie before hitting the sheets. 



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