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S2, Ep 1: Why I Didn’t Date Your Ass Again

Jennyfer Para of Turn the Pic.

S2, Ep 1: Why I Didn’t Date Your Ass Again

Average looking guys have a chance? Press play and find out.

As a newly single gal, I’m dipping my toe in the dating pool. It’s fun, eye opening, and I’m pickier now than I was in my 20s! I’m focusing more on values, traits, and how I’m treated from day one. Looks? They were way too important to me before. I’m grown now so it’s open season.

You heard that average/aiiight looking guys? I’ll date your ass if you treat me like a damn Queen. Cause I’m an adult now, yo!

Here’s the breakdown of the rest of Episode 1 of Season 2 of Love Sujeiry: Talk Served Raw”

Love Byte of the Day: My Word for 2019
Instead of resolutions, I choose a word that will encompass 2019. Press play to find out my word and share your word in comments! s

Love Rapidita: Ashley Graham Has A Lot of Sex
Ashley Graham has a lot of sex and she shares why in an interview with Elle. I share my thoughts on this week’s Love Rapidita.

Love Sujeiry’s Top 5
Here’s my list on why I was turned of by the last guy I dated as a newly single woman. It gets real! Press play.

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