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S2, Ep 2: Collaboration & Men Intimidated by Women w/ Victoria Jenn

S2, Ep 2: Collaboration & Men Intimidated by Women w/ Victoria Jenn

Do women really find strong women intimidating? We dish on this episode.

There’s a movement called The Female Collaborative that is empowering women to glow up and collaborate to ensure success. I sat down with Victoria Jenn Rodriguez, Award Winning Career and Life Coach and the Founder an President of The Female Collaborative, to dish on sisterhood, how women can help instead of hate, and how to compete with your fellow vagina without tearing each other down. Plus, we go in on men who are intimidated by strong women, and how gender roles play out in relationships when you’re a badass in the boardroom.

Here’s the breakdown of the rest of Episode 2 of Season 2 of Love Sujeiry: Talk Served Raw

Love Byte of the Day: Collaborate and Glow UP

Yaaaass chicas! Victoria Jenn and I talk about the benefits of joining The Female Collaborative and why you should attend their 2019 Women Who Roar event (Feb 6-Feb 7) in New York City. For tickets, go to The Female Collaborative website. Only a handful of ticks left!

Love Rapidita: Mariah Carey and Her Intimate Activities On Film

Mariah Carey is suing her former assistant on blackmail charges. The dirt is that her former assistant has photos of Mariah involved in “intimate” activities. Ooh la la, butterfly! I share my thoughts with Victoria Jenn on this week’s Love Rapidita.

Love Drill

It’s time for me to drill my guest co-host! Victoria answers juicy yes/no questions, including, “Have you ever dumped a guy because he wasn’t successful?

For tickets to The Female Collaborative, go here. I’ll be going so make sure to find me and say hello if you attend! And tell them Love Sujeiry sent ya!

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