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Episode 6: Why This Woman Is a Professional Bridesmaid

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Episode 6: Why This Woman Is a Professional Bridesmaid

Don’t want to be the bride sobbing hours before the wedding? Glantz is the gal to hire.

I’m getting married…at some point. I haven’t set a date or begun to plan the wedding because I’m just so busy. Unless creating a mood board on Pinterest counts.

Boo proposed when I was two months pregnant. And though my pregnancy was awesome, my great health plummeted after having Evan. (Cue dramatic music.) I almost died! So planning a wedding hasn’t been on my top “to-do” list.

One thing I know for sure: I will not have a bridal party. That means no bridesmaids. I want to avoid drama, complications and cost. Bridesmaids can get catty with one another and have too many opinions. One friend may be upset that I don’t bless them with this role. Plus, I’d have to buy my bridesmaids gifts. I’m trying to keep my weddings costs as low as possible! And then there’s my vision: when I walk down the aisle toward Boo, I want it to be about him and I and Evan. No one needs to give me away; I am my own (and grown) woman. This commitment includes my family, sure, but our small family is the be all end all of our union.

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Jen Glantz, the real life Kevin Hart in The Wedding Ringer and author of “Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire)”, agrees that weddings can get insane. The professional bridesmaid has seen it all. Don’t want to be the bride sobbing hours before the wedding? Glantz may be the gal to hire. On this episode of Love Sujeiry: Talk Served Raw, Jen Glantz shares why she chose the path of professional bridesmaid and how she keeps those bridesmaids in check.

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