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Podcast: Zombieing and Orbiting? Ugh, FU Dating Trends!

Podcast: Zombieing and Orbiting? Ugh, FU Dating Trends!

These new dating trends are like Ghosting 2.0 and Kill Me Now 3.0.

I have to admit something: I’m afraid to be single again. And although I believe now more than ever that I am a great catch (and a hot one at that) I just can’t fathom “putting myself out there” and “playing the field.” I sucked at dating in my 20’s. I’ve been very candid about how much I wanted to be in a relationship when I dated Mr. Bachata and especially Mr. G. I didn’t want to play games. I didn’t want to pretend to want or be anyone that I am not. As much as I wanted to be a Rihanna, I’ve always been a Beyonce! And I do believe men really want a Riri type. 

Well, I ain’t that cool; I ain’t a bad girl. And I really don’t want to be orbited or zombied!

Say what? Say word. Orbiting and zombieing are terms of the newest dating trends. It’s like Ghosting 2.0 and Kill Me Now 3.0. (Kill Me Now isn’t a new dating trend, I’m just being dramatic because I am terrified of single life! And I’m really good at being dramatic.) In laments term, orbiting is when someone you dated ghosts you yet constantly engages you on social media. Zombieing is worse: that’s when he or she ghosts and later returns like a killer zombie and are all like, “What’s good?”

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EXCUSE ME, ASSHOLE?! Say it with me now, UGH! FU dating trends!

Press play to listen to this and more on episode 60 of Love Sujeiry: Talk Served Raw on reVolver Podcasts. 

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