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Show Love to Loreal’s Cinnamon Toast Lipstick

Show Love to Loreal’s Cinnamon Toast Lipstick

Fall is looming and so are fall makeup colors. Check out Loreal’s Cinnamon Toast lipstick!

In high school, I thought I looked badass with brown lips drawn over with even darker lip liner. My lipstick was always matte and, by the end of the day, what was left was the black outline of Jordana Kol’s Medium Brown. Oh yea…I was an avid consumer of a brand that had makeup that smelled like led. Times were rough – and I had to look cholalicious all of the time!

chola makeup gif

Now I look back at photos and I am mortified. What was I thinking? Who told me this was “the look”? And where was Mami to guide me with makeup tips?!

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Actually, I’m being way too hard on myself. Back in the day (shout out to my 80s babies!) all of the Latinx chicas wore caca brown lipstick. Which is why, as an adult, I have shied away from anything but bold and bright hues, like red, fuchsia and coral. UNTIL NOW.

Yes, chola-lippy Sujeiry is back! Sort of. Although I’m in love with earth toned makeup and lipstick again, the colors are much more subdued, rich and sophisticated, like Loreal’s Cinnamon Toast Lipstick. Watch my review of this fabulous color that will bring all the boys to the yard – and you can still keep your day job.

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