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Jennifer Lopez’ Twin Soul (ARod) Got Me All In My Feelings

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash.

Jennifer Lopez’ Twin Soul (ARod) Got Me All In My Feelings

JLo exuded pure, authentic joy. I wonder, should I be with my twin soul?

“You are my twin soul.”

Those were JLo’s words to Alex Rodriguez when accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV VMAs. She exuded genuine emotion. Pure and authentic joy and love. And I wonder, should I be with my twin soul?

Boo and I are like night and day. He likes adventurous activities like the Tough Mudder run while I like to sip sangria at a tapas bar while swaying to a salsa beat. He doesn’t drink at all, actually, which makes him a great designated driver, and I hate getting dirty. (Mud? Oh hell nah!)

Boo likes action films and I tolerate them as much as he tolerates romantic comedies. (So with a resigned sigh.) I love to read and he rather work out. He loves to dance salsa at salsa socials only and I love shimmy across the dance floor to a salsa, merengue, bachata, and any other genre with a beat. One thing is for sure: we both love Kevin Hart. Although, recently, Boo said this: I think Kevin Hart is kinda overrated now.

kevin hart huh face gif

We’re complete opposites, there’s no fighting or disagreeing with that. Actually, that may be the one thing Boo and I agree on lately. As they say, “opposites attract.” Paula Abdul and Skat Kat solidified that as FACT.

paula abdul opposites attract

So I chose to be with a man who is not at all like me.

I thought it would be exciting. That being with an opposite would help me learn more about relationships and life. Boo would be the ying to my yang. It would be fucking life changing. And it has been all of these things. It has also been complicated and heart wrenching at times. Because, when you are with an opposite you don’t gel all of the time.

When you are with an opposite you are constantly uncovering parts of yourself and of your partner that aren’t so pretty or easy to swallow or even understand.

When you are with an opposite you have to teach said opposite how you think and how to treat you, since opposites often have opposite viewpoints and values.

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And then there is JLo and ARod. Twin souls. So connected and alike that even their nicknames go together. Two divas. (There are stories about JLo, and ARod has a sculpture of a centaur created after him. So, yea. Diva) Two celebrities that found each other and seem really happy together. Because their relationship is probably easy.

Because they are one in the same.

Because they get and see each other.

And I wonder if that’s the better choice, to choose your twin soul. Or if the harder way is the only way to confront your inner demons and fears and become the best version of yourself.

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