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The Mature Pepa™ Phase: Dressing For 33


The Mature Pepa™ Phase: Dressing For 33

Shopping Spree at BebeI’ve entered a brand new phase in my life that I like to call The Mature Pepa™ Phase. My pepa™ has become wiser as has my beating, resilient heart. And my rickety knees no se quedan atras. To some, this transition can be a negative experience. Though maturing is usually equated with wisdom, no one likes to envision themselves as a vieja with long whiskers, deep wrinkles, and a hunch back.  But alas, here I am, less than 2 weeks shy of 33 and planning accordingly.

Turning the big 33 has lead me to set goals as I did on April Fools Day. It is also pushing me to be more womanly as I am much more aware of how I present myself and who I am. I want to carry myself with the sophistication and grace that I lacked when I was in my early 20’s.

To do that I need a makeover.

First, I sifted through my closet, tossing articles of clothing that no longer fit my shape or my age group.  I didn’t need the one-shoulder half-shirt or those white booty shorts. If the item made me look like a hoochified video girl, it was discarded. I even let go of my skinny dress which I held onto  “just in case” I lost a few pounds.

Lets face it, the LB’s will only pile onto my Dominican ass and thighs after age 33.

Once I finished cleaning out my closet, I tossed everything in a plastic bag and shipped it off to Goodwill. Next, I was off to Union Square, where I hit Bebe and veered away from the tight minis and tummy-revealing dresses. Instead, I pulled this beautiful long, black dress from it’s hanger. It accentuates every curve without exposing my ass cheeks or giving me a case of The Camel Toe.  I plan to wear it on my first day of work at my new and improved job as a fabulous entertainment host.

Bebe Ribbed Polo Dress - $89.00

Soon after, I found this sexy little butterscotch dress that can be worn for work and after work. All I need is a pair of nude pumps, a red hand bag and red lipstick, and I am ready to paint the town….well…RED!

Bebe for 90210: Sweeping Seam Knit Dress

That’s all that I purchased from Bebe. It is a great start to reinvent myself at 33.  Clothes make the girl and I want my new threads to scream, “I am a confident, successful, and sophisticated WOMAN!”  Because that’s what The Mature Pepa™ Phase is all about.

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