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This Is Why You Should Trust God’s Timing

I recently realized that I am a single middle-aged woman. “Middle-aged” is what you’re called when you are over 40, and I’ll turn 43 in April of 2021. I ain’t ready, yo, mostly because I am not where I want to be in life. At almost 43, I am not a homeowner, I am not financially independent (damn you, student loans!) and did I mention I am single single? Like, not a ballsack insight. What’s an over 40-year-old woman to do? What do you do when you feel like you’re running out of time and that fear overwhelms you? You trust God’s timing.

You trust God’s timing when you feel like time is slipping away. Because let’s face it, we cannot control time. All we know for sure is that time continues, which is why it’s so important to rely on God and live in the present moment.

You trust God’s timing when you have yet to accomplish all of your goals. We place so much pressure on ourselves to meet certain expectations at a certain time. The thing is things happen when they happen no matter how hard we work and how badly we want that thing – be it a house, a romantic partner, a dream career, or kids – to manifest.

You trust God’s timing when you feel like you’ve lost control. I’ve been there, I’ve felt my world spiraling. And that’s when I found myself sobbing in the corner of my bathtub, hair drenched and mascara running down my cheeks, asking God to take the wheel. Because God is the only one you can lean on when you feel stuck and lost.

So, take the pressure off. Let go and let God, and listen to my tips on how to redirect your thoughts when you feeling like you’re running out of time. Plus, I share a mantra that I use that helps as well. All this and more on this episode of (Self) Love Served Raw. Subscribe, share, and drop a review!  

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Sujeiry Gonzalez (Love Sujeiry) is a Digital Publisher, Author, Connector, and Self-Love Advocate. Founder of, her mission is to provide expert resources and insightful and relatable content that guides Latinx women to love and embrace their authentic selves. Her writing has been published in Hip Latina, Well + Good, Madamenoire, Latina, YourTango. She also hosted her own radio show on SiriusXM (LoveSujeiry). Currently, Sujeiry resides on Long Island with her son, Evan, enjoying all things astrology (Aries sun, Capi rising!), hosting (she throws a mean party), and karaoke (she’s always Riri).

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