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that bitch

Candi: Like Any Other Day

Here’s an excerpt from Candi and John’s romantic saga where we introduce THAT BITCH.

Candi gasps and holds back a painful, gut-wrenching cry. Heart pounding and mind racing, she screen captures the text messages, texts them to herself, and quickly deletes them from John’s cell phone, as if she were the one sneaking around. She grabs his phone, picks up her daughter, Ava, and storms down the stairs. 

Ava coos while bouncing on Candi’s hip and plays with her mommas thick, curly mane, just as John walks up the stairs. They are face to face now. Her eyes are full of agony and she yells, “This is what you’ve been doing? This is why you’re always on your phone? How long have you been fucking THAT BITCH?!”

John stands there seemingly unaffected, always so cool. His aloofness initially attracted Candi when they first met at a bar in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC. Now, she feels like she has to decipher his moods, analyze his feelings, and decode his actions. It’s pure hell.  Subscribe to my romance novel newsletter to read the rest.

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that bitch

Photo by Batu Gezer on Unsplash .




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