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Nothing quiet says self-love like setting boundaries. On this episode of Self-Love Served Raw, my self-love podcast where I share my self-love journey and self-love tips, I dish on how to set boundaries in relationships. Plus, the benefits of setting boundaries.

How to Set Boundaries in Relationships

Learned behavior is a bitch to break. I’ve made it perfectly clear to the folks in my life that certain patterns need to change. I’m setting boundaries with family like a fucking grown up.

Setting Boundaries in a Latinx Family is Hard AF

overcoming self sabotage

Like the song goes, “you better check yo self before you wreck yo self!”

How to Overcome Self Sabotage

self sabotage success

When I analyzed my sales numbers my heart dropped, my hips stopped swinging, and my voice cracked. I sold 4 books. FOUR! Begins Self Sabotage Success Sequence. 

I Used To Self Sabotage My Success

pursue your passion

When you’re meant to pursue your passion you’ll receive signs to leap even when afraid.

Pursue Your Passion Despite Fear


Love Trips is like Sex and the City only with Catholic guilt.



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