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Mess With A Woman And She’ll Cut Off Your Pene!


Mess With A Woman And She’ll Cut Off Your Pene!

Cut A Mans Penis Ala Lorena BobbittWomen are extremely powerful, especially when scarred. We have an inner strength, a resilience that is indescribable and unmatched by any other. Women push an average of four hours when in labor. Sweat dripping down foreheads. Pepas™ ripping and burning. Men would holler for a c-section after only four minutes. Then there is our annual check up, where we must scoot down and spread our legs so a cold, metal/plastic contraption is inserted and, seconds later, opened. No matter how many years I’ve been to my gynecologist, I still feel uncomfortable and saddened when lying on that table, facing the ceiling, thinking about unicorns and hunky men (there are photos of hunky men on the ceiling).

I’m saddened, and my GYN’s name is Allegra.

Yes. Our Pepa™ Power allows us to accept pain and suffering and still bounce back like instinctive warriors. All over the world, women stand up for their rights, attempting to regain their power when it is threatened by society, by gender roles, by men who harm us. Case in point is Monju Begum, a 40-year-old married woman and mother of three who was almost raped by her neighbor, Mozammel Haq Maz. He forced his way into Monju’s home and began assaulting her while she slept. Sources claim that, as he tried to rape her, the Bangladeshi woman took a knife and cut off his penis ala Lorena Bobbitt. She then wrapped up his penis in polythene and later brought it to the police station in the town of Jhalakathi in Bangladesh. The severed penis, Monju stated, was evidence of the committed crime. As for the accuser, he claims he is innocent, stating they had been having an affair for 15 years. His pene remains unattached.

Comes to show not to play with a woman, and her pepa™, no matter what color, ethnicity, or nation. Because women are extremely powerful, especially when scarred.

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