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What About Your Friends? Dumping Your Girls for a Man

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What About Your Friends? Dumping Your Girls for a Man

Why you should maintain friendships while being in a romantic relationship.

Falling in love is a great feeling. One shot to the heart from Cupid and your whole world seems to change. You start walking with a pep in your step and don’t have any cares in the world. No one else matters except for your significant other.

Your newfound love is the only person you want to spend each and every waking moment with. But hold up, what about your friends? The one’s who were there for you before he entered your life, and the ones who will continue to be there after the man of the hour is long gone.

Good friends come few and far between. Some people enter your life and secure a spot in your heart forever. I’m not saying that you have to choose between your boyfriend and your girls. But I am saying that you have to remember to upkeep all of your relationships, not just the one with your man. Having a good balance between yours friends and  your boyfriend is important. No matter how mature your girls may be, they could get jealous if you begin to ditch them for your beau. Keep in mind that maintaining friendships is just as important as maintaining romantic relationships.

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The thing is some women totally dismiss their friends once they get a boyfriend. It may get hard to allocate your time to the right people. Your boyfriend is trying take you out to dinner and your girlfriends are trying to take you out for some R&R at the spa. How do you figure out whom to spend your day with? Here are some tips to help you figure out how to make time for everyone:

Have a “girls night out” at least twice per month. This will ensure that you are in the loop with what’s going on in your friend’s lives.

Shoot a text to your girls and your man. It’s always nice to show that care. As quiet as it’s kept, your girls get just as jealous when it comes to sharing you as your significant other does.

Make sure you spend time with your boyfriend and your girls during separate occasions sometimes. Although it’s nice to make sure all of your loved ones can mesh well with one another, it’s important to make sure your friends never feel like the third wheel. Keep an open line of communication so that everyone can feel loved.


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Tonya Nelson

Tonya Nelson is an ambitious hopeless romantic. As a graduating senior at Howard University, Tonya uses her experiences to share her ideas about love and romance from a collegiate perspective. Her plans are to become a multimedia mogul. Until then, she’s working on her college degree while indulging in casual dating along the way. On, Tonya writes about the single life and dating.


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