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Sujeiry’s Girl Guide for a Third Wheel: Surviving Singlehood When Friends Shack Up


Sujeiry’s Girl Guide for a Third Wheel: Surviving Singlehood When Friends Shack Up

Single and PartyingI once attended a dinner where I was the third wheel of third wheels. Each of my two girlfriends were with their mates and there I was…single. Dining for one isn’t always such a terrible experience, but it can become pretty lonely when the dessert is set and I have no one with whom to share my Brownie Obsession.

This scenario is pretty common. Not because I’m always single (okay maybe that’s one of the reasons) but because most of my girlfriends have been coupled up for years. They’re always with their partners. The women who once chugged alcohol and shook their asses while cheered on by an impenetrable circle of females are now feeding babies and planning family vacations with other couples. So what is a single gal to do? Do we dump our friends? Do we stay home alone? No. None of these. Instead why not try the following:

  • Meet New People: There’s no need to dump your current girlfriends but their is a need to make new ones. Being single can seem like a disease to some couples. They may stare at you with pity or pray that you find a mate so you settle down and stop clubbing! That’s why you need to surround yourself with other single gals who will not only embrace your availability but will also want to dine out, drink, dance, and experience the world.
  • Pick Up A Hobby: Cliche, I know, but so useful to meet new people and continue exploring the wonders of life! Buy a Groupon for a sewing class or a Buy With Me coupon for an arts and craft store. Write that book that you’ve always talked about or become the cook you wish you always were. Just have fun being single and independent because hobbies are not just for grandmas in retirement homes.
  • Join Meetup: This goes back to meeting new people and works! This community introduced me to free workshops and karaoke groups. Many a nights I found myself listening to authors on panels and crooning to Top 40 songs in front of a crowd of strangers.  You can also find social clubs for singles. Check out the site and you will be sure to have something to do every night of the day if you choose!
  • Utilize Social Networking: Like most folks, I have a Facebook and Twitter account. However, I don’t only utilize these accounts to post pictures and keep in touch with my high school and college friends. I have actually met a slew of new people due to these platforms. I also learn about events and activities going on around the US, including conferences and networking Happy Hours. So the next time you post a status or send a Tweet realize that people want to connect with you personally. A new hang out buddy is only a click away!
  • Reach Out To Acquaintances and Co-workers: A new network is right under your nose…literally! Co-workers and acquaintances are a great resource for some fun. They are usually also readily available. Ask a co-worker to go out for a drink after work or make plans with an acquaintance for a relaxing brunch. Take advantage of the people who are already in your life and get to know them better.  They don’t have to become your new BFF but it’s nice to have options. It’s either that or be the third wheel forever!
  • Be One With Yourself: I know women who travel alone, dine alone, and go to the movies alone. And there is nothing wrong with that! When I was younger, I couldn’t fathom being seen at a restaurant or a bar without a sidekick or two. I was embarrassed and afraid I’d look lonely and desperate. Now, as my friends get hitched and become busier, it’s almost a necessity. Not because you will always be alone but because you may not have a social life otherwise. Besides, there’s something liberating about putting on heels, picking up your purse, and going off on your own without consulting anyone. That’s a freedom that even the married miss.

So on this Sunday venture out on your own or find a new friend to paint the town red. Look through your contact list and call up an acquaintance or co-worker. Tweet that you’d like some company as you shop. Someone is bound to be available. If not, then sit at your favorite hang out and sip on a mimosa as the place fills up. There will surely be someone new to talk to and no third wheel talk allowed.

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