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What I Gave Up For Lent: The Ultimate Sacrifice!


What I Gave Up For Lent: The Ultimate Sacrifice!

What to Give Up For LentI finally decided what I’m giving up for lent. It took 5 days and a conversation with my sister but by golly I think I got it! Initially, I thought of eliminating my addiction to McD’s french fries but realized that wouldn’t be enough of a sacrifice. What we give up for lent should test our will and better us as people, and though I would weep when passing by the golden arches I can live without their crunchy, salty goodness for 40 days.

The challenge I set for myself is to live without the late night TV that leads me to fall asleep past 1am. Falling asleep late has been a bad habit of mine since I was in high school. There is something about the night that I am drawn too and something about the morning that I want to hide from. But now, at almost 33 and hoping to build a stable, successful business and balance my career and my relationship, I must take advantage of every hour in the day.

Falling asleep earlier will not only allow me to wake up earlier but also improve my eating habits. I tend to munch late at night and that must stop. My 32 going on 33 year old thighs and ass and slowing metabolism demand that I do so. Aside from the weight gain, this sacrifice will train me for my future as a mother. If I don’t start now I may end up falling asleep with baby in one arm (UTZ BBQ chips in the other) while reruns of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” play in the background.

And so my journey begins tonight. I may have to drug myself with Melatonin pills to get to bed before 1am and silence my iPhone but I will fall asleep at a decent hour! On Tuesday morning, I will wake up with birds chirping. I would rise and shine and take a shot shower before coming to my laptop to write for and begin a brand new job search. I will do it again the next day and the next day after, adding a few days at the gym while I’m at it, for the next 40 nights and 40 days. My hope is for this to become a routine if only to become a more productive person and healthier, happier woman.

Amen to that!

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