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What Does Your Most Used Social Media App Say About You?

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What Does Your Most Used Social Media App Say About You?

Whether you’re addicted to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, social media apps say lots about you.

Staying plugged in to the social media world is like a second job. We continually “log in” to receive notifications and connect with our community. We also visit one social media platform much more than the other as each of us have a favorite. Mine is a tie between Tumblr and Twitter. With Tumblr, I can write my personal opinion in prose. I can also share GIF’s and reblog anything I appreciate onto my site. Twitter is pretty simple. In 140 characters or less, I can share my thoughts. What can I say? They need an audience.

You can tell a lot about someone based on how often they use social media and which platform they use the most. My faves show that I’m expressive. But what about Instagram, MySpace, or LinkedIn? What do specific social media apps and and how much you use them say about you?


​If Snapchat is your game, you’re probably a goofball. You don’t take yourself too seriously if you’re sending pics of yourself from awkward angles. You may also be a little freaky yet cautious. Snap that naughty pic and send it to your man. And just like that, it’s gone. No photo evidence!


With Instagram, you snap multiple shots in different poses. Then you spend more time finding the perfect, most flattering filter. You are the type of person that enjoys showing off your best assets. Even more so if you’re a selfie fanatic.


LinkedIn is pretty straight forward. If you use it often, you are about your business and dedicated to bettering yourself career-wise. You can share your accomplishments and even apply for jobs via the app.


Looking to spruce up your dating life ? You might be an avid Tinder user. This popular, new matchmaking social media app is used heavily among singles.


​If Facebook is your go-to app, you are a social butterfly. It’s still the most popular way to interact with friends. You can post on friends’ walls, share life moments, and create photo albums of memorable events. Or even unremarkable events!

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​Pinterest tells others that you’ve got big ideas and are probably creative. You may also enjoy staying organized.


MySpace still exists, and it is another great app that shows you’re creative. However, It mainly focuses on music. So if you’re the artsy, musical type, you probably frequent it more than others.

​No matter what type of personality you have there is a social media service that serves you. Now I’m off to Tweet!

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