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My New BFF Is Vme TV: Send Me To BlogHer 2011!


My New BFF Is Vme TV: Send Me To BlogHer 2011!

This is my chance to win something for the first time ever! I am participating in a giveaway for BlogHer 2011 – a blogging conference in San Diego, California – and need all your positive vibes! I have always wanted to go to San Diego. I want to meet my fabulous fellow bloggers! I want to networking and make life changing connections! And so here I go!

What can I say? I love television and I love being Latina. I love the Spanish language. The way it rolls off the tongue is simply hypnotic. Even my 9-month old niece Nila agrees. She stares at the television in wonderment, smiling whenever I turn on Spanish television, particularly Vme TV.

I actually didn’t watch any English television until I went to elementary school. And so it is no surprise that, till this day, I sit with Mami and my niece and watch the wonderful content that Vme TV offers. Vme TV has so much variety, including music shows like Estudio Billboard, where they interview famous Latino celebrities. The celebrities even sing their songs, which is great for a music lover like myself! It’s like Inside The Actors Studio for Latino musicians! However, my favorite show is actually Wide Angle, a gritty news series that exposes its audience to international news. As I watch, I am impressed by their story telling and the presented facts. The interviews are raw. We feel the plight of the people through provocative words and footage. The experts also add to this wonderfully developed program, and that is rare. In new programs today, we rarely get the truth. And if we do, it is only temporary, when a natural disaster strikes or a country is in peril. Then, it is forgotten, as if it never happened and people have stopped suffering. But that is never the case. This is why I am glad to have a show that investigates what is happening in our world. I am intrigued by the stories and appreciate what this program is doing for millions of people. They give real people a voice, allowing them to discuss unemployment, crime, violence, and oppression. It is journalism at its finest.

One day my niece Nila will be a mature and well-rounded Latina who will still love the Spanish language. She will love being Latina as much as her mother, her abuela, and her tia do. She will continue to love television as much as she and I do now. She will sit in wonderment, her face focused, because she will be stimulated by shows like Wide Angle on Vme TV.

And for that I am grateful.


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