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True Love Book Review: Jennifer Lopez Promotes Self-Love

True Love Book Cover


True Love Book Review: Jennifer Lopez Promotes Self-Love

Book review of Jennifer Lopez’ True Love shares how JLo is just like us and promotes self-love.

When I was 16 years old, I fell in love with Jennifer Lopez. It was 1996 and I saw her in her first major acting role, Selena. In 1999, she was on the cover of Vibe Magazine. I wrote a “Thank You” letter to the editor for putting a Latina on the cover. It was included in the “Letters to the Editor” section the next month.

I thought I was just like her. I loved to sing, dance and act. I am Puerto Rican from the Bronx and even went to Catholic school. Little did we know (maybe Jennifer did) she would turn into “JLo,” the icon. She went on to produce ten albums, twenty movies, owns a clothing line, and an entire TV network.

Today, she is 45 and I am 32 years old. I can relate to her on another level. We are mature women who have had our share of breakups and heart breaks. In her new book entitled, True Love, she discusses many issues all women deal with. She explains how she had low self-esteem. So have I. She felt depressed from failed relationships. So have I. Read self-help books. So have I. If you have ever fallen in love with a bad boy, stayed in a relationship for way too long, been verbally abused, and have been disappointment professionally, you will relate to her.

In this book, Jennifer also reflects on prior relationships and analyzes why they were unsuccessful. She gives antidotes of her four great yet failed relationships. Her first love, Puffy, is the bad boy – Mr. Wrong. Her marriage to Cris Judd, her backup dancer, was a second try at love. Her third love, actor Ben Affleck, swept her off her feet. Ben was her first true heart break. Her fourth love was Marc Anthony, who literally sang his way into her heart. They were married for seven years but experienced much pain.

PLUS: I Don’t Want to Let Go of Expectations in Relationships

So even if you’re not a J.Lo fan, you will feel like she’s your “bestie.” As she focuses on the importance of women’s empowerment and tells us that we deserve respect and have value, you will relate to her vulnerability as a woman. That’s because True Love’s message is universal: the truest love is self-love.

Purchase True Love HERE. Shop more books!

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Elizabeth is 32 year old, Bronx native and Nuyorican with a passion for research and sharing news. An avid reader, she is a lifelong student who loves to travel, explore new cultures, and writing about current events.


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