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Three Type of Guy Friends Every Single Gal Needs

Three Type of Guy Friends Every Single Gal Needs


Three Type of Guy Friends Every Single Gal Needs

Dating can be tough. Luckily, you have guy friends to guide you and even help you understand a man’s mind. Here are three guy friends every single gal needs.


A guy friend is your in into the mind of a man.

Every gal has a circle of girlfriends who they call on to spill the juicy details of their latest dating escapade. Those conversations go a little something like this.

He has dark brown eyes that are so seductive. 

When we walked out of the restaurant, he put his hand on the small of my back!

Should I call him or wait for him to call me?

Our overanalyzing truly does go on and on. That’s because we get caught up in the excitement of a new romance.

That’s why every girl needs guy friends. They keep us grounded and give us the male perspective. Here are three type of guy friends every single gal needs.

The Gay Best Friend: 
As cliché as it sounds, every single chica needs a gay bestie. He will help you dress to impress. I’ve gone out on some dates thinking I looked amazing; when in reality, I was dressed like Plain Jane or  Ms. Hot Mess. That’s because your girlfriends may have approved of the outfit. Usually, women will keep negative comments to themselves as to not hurt their friend.  However, your gay best friend will be blunt and even style you. Your date will notice your beautiful and slightly expensive red dress. After your date, meet up with your gay bestie and share the juicy details of your date over a glass of wine.

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The Bartender Friend
Having a male bartender as a best friend is the eighth wonder of the world. Behind the bar, he often observes dates. He can probably pick out a successful date from a not-so-good one. And he’s heard plenty of drunken confessions. Your bartender friend may just know what your interest is looking for in a woman. He can be your personal tour guide to dating bliss.

He’s also there after a horrible date. Visit him at the bar and he’ll numb your broken heart with your favorite drink. And at happy hour prices. Best of all, he won’t analyze every detail with you. Did your date wear that shirt because it was the shirt he was wearing when you first met? You wonder. No, says your bartender bestie. It was probably the only clean shirt he had.

The “Brother” Friend
People are often skeptical that a heterosexual man and woman can be really close friends. They assume you must have romantic feelings for each other. But it’s just not true. I have a friend who is like family. We’re like brother and sister, which is why he tells me when I’m reading into my dates’ actions and words. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

So, look at your friends list. Make sure you have these amazing guy friends in your life. I guarantee dating will be a lot less stressful and a lot more successful with these men in your corner.

What other guy friends do you think are important to have as a woman?

Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Felisa is a 22-year-old SoCal girl at heart who loves to write almost as much as she loves to talk. Within a year, she went from being in a serious five-year relationship to the single scene, which launched a passion for writing about about love, romance, and the dating scene.

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons.

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Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Felisa is a 23-year-old SoCal girl at heart. She loves to write almost as much as she loves to talk, and within a year she went from being in a serious five-year relationship to the single scene. When she's not in school you can usually find Felisa around Phoenix, learning something new about the city and herself.


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