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The Lovely Blog Awards Go To…


The Lovely Blog Awards Go To…

Getting An Award

Sujeiry Receives The Lovely Blog Award

I was honored by a lovely blogger and, today, received The Lovely Blog Award! I accepted the award with the grace of a pepa-obsessed woman, and, as my pepa™ led me to the imaginary stage, I waved to the crowd, tears welling up in my beautiful, almond shaped eyes. As for who stood on the podium with open arms, it was none other than La Licenciada, writer of her Her Deep Thoughts. We embraced as she handed me this:


I am so grateful!

Now, those who receive this award must do three things:

  1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
  2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Award 15 bloggers The Lovely Blog Award.

So I am going to get right to it. Here are Top 7 Random Facts About Sujeiry!

7. I hate condiments. Each and every one of them. If you put ketchup on my French fries, I may cry. I love French fries! Why would you do that to my French fries?! Part of my disdain toward condiments comes from my issues with the texture of food. My taste buds no like mushy! I will smack the milk out of your hand if you attempt to put milk in my cereal!

6.  I am a proud Aries but sometimes wish I were a mix of other signs. If I could choose, I would add a cup of Virgo’s sharp business mind, a tablespoon of Capricorns practicality, and an ounce of Libras patience. Because, as fabulously passionate, witty, funny, and innovative as this Aries is, I need to add a little more Earth and Air to this Fire. Then again, I have a Capricorn rising sign! Maybe my Aries sun sign and Leo moon burn the Capi out?

5.  My first love is writing, but many people do not know that I am also a singer. I have been singing since the age of 7. I started off in chorus in elementary school and then put together an acapella singing group in high school, where we performed in all school meetings, cultural nights, and even won cash at  talent shows. On more than one occasion, the school paid us to sing at events. Illusion, as the group was named, was even featured in The Boston Globe and YSB magazine. Ah, how proud would my elementary chorus teacher be if she saw my website. Ms. Tanner, would you be like to follow my pepa™ on Twitter?

4.  Old people freak me out! I don’t know if it’s their missing dentures or the smell of Vivaporu. I have always felt uncomfortable around the elderly! I may not even want to be around myself when I get older. Eek!

3.  I am very loving, loyal, and passionate, but once I detach, I am extremely cold and indifferent. And that, pepitas, is when I become dangerous. When I don’t care, I really don’t care.

2.  I am addicted to Reality TV. Basketball Wives, The Real Housewives (all besides DC, which was canceled, and Miami, which I may start watching for kicks), The Real World, The Jersey Shore: if it’s a reality show, I’m hooked. I even watch Survivor! I don’t think anyone watches Survivor anymore. What can I say? Reality TV is my crack!

1.  And the final random fact about me has to do with my insecurities. I am a resilient and strong woman, but often mask my fears, as many others do. I never thought I would have the ability to write and make money off my talent. I never thought I would be tech savvy enough to manage a website where I am the sole contributor. I also never imagined to venture into event planning , consulting, and workshops, which is where I am heading this year, aside from everything else that I do. Comes to show that we are what we believe. Fear or no fear, I believe I will succeed as a creative entrepreneur.

Now, it’s time to pay it forward! The winners of The Lovely Blog Award, in no particular order, are:

  • Sex and the Beach: What can I say about Sex and The Beach? Well, it’s sexy! Ms. Maria De Los Angeles is a witty and sassy Cubana from Miami, whom among other things, discusses love and life in the Sunshine State. Her latest post, “Hurricane Season Boyfriend”, had me dying! I appreciate funny, and Sex and the Beach is that and more.
  • ElizTalks: ElizTalks has a very innovative and inspiring mission. She shines the light on the stories of diligent entertainers, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs. This Dominicana from NYC is a hustler, and it shows in her daily posts, where she features individuals, and shares events. Eliz wants to help others connect so we all succeed. Now, isn’t that lovely?


  • Ms. New York Latina Belleza 2011: This intelligent beauty queen is a busy bee! In her blog, she inspires her readers with motivational tips, opening up in order to help others. She also posts beauty product reviews and event photos, where this Boricua wears her crown proud.
  • The Voices of Two Mujeres: The Voices of Two Mujeres focuses on cervical cancer awareness among other ailments and diseases that affect women. The writers of this wonderful blog are none other than Helen Troncoso, Ms. New York Latina Belleza 2011, and cervical cancer survivor Patti Murillo-Casa, as well as other guest bloggers.
  • Tienes Una Cabeza De Coco: If having a cabeza de coco means you are witty, innovative, and a PR machine, well, then I want to be just like Ana Lydia Monaco. Check out her blog where she discusses everything from Latina cyber bullying to her horrid confrontation with one of her bridesmaids.
  • Polymer Clay Snails: This mommy blogger is full of humor, kindness, and love for her baby boy! In her blogs, she shares her experiences with Aidyn, her only son, who is a character of his own. She is also a very talented photographer.
  • Polymer Clay Snails Photography: What can I say? I love this girl so she gets a Lovely Blog Award…twice! Nydia Mata has a great eye and it shows in her creative photos. They really are lovely! I can’t wait to have my own home so I can purchase and frame some of her amazing shots.
  • Unknown Mami: This mami doesn’t want you to know her name or see her face…literally! Her blogs header is a photo of her, with a bag over her head. Brilliant, I say, which is why this mami is such a great blogger. She writes about being a mother, a wife, and, above all else, she is funny. Greatest cleavage in the world indeed 🙂
  • Latina Bloggers Connect: This is the go-to site for social media and Latinas. There is an abundance of information regarding media kits, marketing, and how to interact with your audience as a blogger. If you are a blogger and want to be in the know, this is the blog  for you!
  • The Crafty Chica: This crafty Mexicana does it all! Sewing, painting, knitting, workshops: she is Martha Stewart reincarnated (if Martha was dead).  She has published multiple books and I am happy to be a part of her new publicity workshop. You can find so much on her website. I can’t wait to move into my new home so I can get crafty!
  • Snarky Latina: If you enjoy cynicism with a dash of techie, then Vicky Ayala is your woman! Check out her blog where she discusses everything from shopping to Lunesta to education and politics. It’s highly witty and entertaining!
  • So Latina Blog: So Latina is an online community for single mothers where all Latinas are welcome. Their mission is to give single Latina mothers a space to share their experiences.  Anything that helps Latina women is a plus in my book. I am especially fond of this website because of the many stories women share, including yours truly! I just wish my mother had something like this when she was a single mother.
  • Be Chic Mag: If you want to know the latest in fashion and beauty then you need to Be Chic! This blog has many followers and is very deserving of The Lovely Blog Award for it’s beauty product giveaways, Tweetchats, and Be Chic Tuesdays, where we, as the fashionistas that we are, can post our favorite looks.
  • Tiki Tiki Blog: Can you say fun, sabor, and cultural Latina stories? Then that’s Tiki Tiki! This entertaining blog has videos, fashion, gossip, and stories that hit the heart string of any Latina. Bravo!
  • Urbane Perspective Magazine: This virtual magazine gives voice to the modern day Black, Latina, and Asian women of today! There’s fashion, beauty, gossip, and, my favorite, relationship articles. Plus, this savvy blog also posts free online marketing and social media workshops. Can we say lovely?!

That tops my list of the 15 blogs that I am blessing with The Lovely Blog Award.  As for me, catch me on Twitter where I share insights on love and relationships. You can also catch my Pepa™ as her head (clit) has gotten so big she has her own Twitter.  Lastly, remember to pay it forward! I will wait for each of you on stage with open arms, ready to embrace your lovely success and creativity!

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Sujeiry is a natural storyteller, dynamic radio show host and the proud CEO of She's been at this digital media and content creation game for 15 plus years and pours her heart and soul onto - the only site for Latinas on all things love. After realizing there was a void in the love/relationship Latina media market, she took matters into her own hands and became the go-to sex and relationship expert on Latinx platforms. The former sex and relationship expert on works diligently and passionately to encourage women of color to be their authentic selves as they navigate all things love.


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