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The Love Trips Project: Ghosts Say “Boo”!


The Love Trips Project: Ghosts Say “Boo”!

I did it! I finished an entire story in one sitting! Hooray for me! I’m not sure if it’s the pressure of this challenge (pressure pushes me to fly like Superman) or the content of the story, but I am very proud of my regenerated drive.

This new story is titled “The Ghosts of Exes Past” and is much lighter, especially since I discuss my first relationship with George: el hombre que me cojio y me hizo el cuchi cuchi. Though I tell my mother he was my first, he was more like a close second. And every day I am grateful mami doesn’t read English so my secrets remain between my pepitas/os and me.

After completing “The Ghosts of Exes Past”, I returned to the first story,”Crazy Conchita”, with a fresh perspective.  In writing, sometimes we have to work on another piece in order to forge ahead. Because sometimes writers want to massacre the characters of a story. Personally, I want to murder Conchita.  I want to call a ghost from the “The Ghosts of Exes Past”,  have him yell, “Boo!”  and watch Conchita scurry away into the emotionally dysfunctional abyss in which she resides.

Writing about Conchita is fucking with me.

Conchita no longer makes decisions in my life which is why I don’t want to give her any attention. That bitch received my attention 5 years in a row! Regardless, I know that she is an essential part of my story, of Love Trips. Without Conchita’s insane and aggressive antics, I wouldn’t have dissected my past and reevaluated my fears. Conchita allowed me to connect the dots (more like shoot the dots) so I must pay her homage.

Wish me luck!


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