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The Love for My Niece and Her Love For Maui


The Love for My Niece and Her Love For Maui

I never thought about children. Sure, I figured my womb would be occupied by a living, breathing, pooping, and puking human at some point or another, but I never really pictured myself bringing a child into this world and nurturing them to adulthood. It’s funny if you think about it. I’ve worked with kids all my life as a teacher, counselor, and mentor, yet I hadn’t envisioned a crib sitting in a lavender room next to a rocking chair and a bookshelf stacked with Dr. Seuss books.

Until I met Nila.

Nila is my 5-month old niece who holds my heart in her hands. I love her so much I cannot fathom how much more I would love a child that is my own. I now find myself cooing with her while she’s in her crib. Rocking her to sleep and not wanting to let go of her warm, soft body even when she’s durmiendo con los angelitos. My voice’s pitch heightens as I naturally participate in baby talk. My heart breaks when she sobs because she wants her mother’s tit.  I even gave her a nickname: Itty Bitty.

Nila has turned my view of motherhood around, and so to thank this innocent, adorable niece of mine, I want to send her and her mami and papi to Maui. Please click on the link below and then ‘Like’ the video that was created by my sister. They just entered a contest and if they win they will go to (you guessed it) Maui.

Send my Itty Bitty to Maui!

As for my future role as mother, I am willing and hopefully able to comply. I never thought about children…until now…until Nila. I only hope God blesses me with a child that’s so precious.

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Sujeiry Gonzalez

My niece Nila is super adorable and lovable…usually. But recently she’s been really sad. I blame the cold, fluctuating weather. So please turn her frown upside down. Vote for Nila to go to Maui. She is too sweet to not get some sunshine! Click here and then click ‘like’.

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