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The Best Way to Deal With Your Flaky Girlfriends

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The Best Way to Deal With Your Flaky Girlfriends

She often cancels plans last minute. Yup, she’s flaky! Here’s how to deal with flaky girlfriends.

Click. Urgh! Again? Seriously?! You got dressed up, shaved your legs, put on makeup, and now your friend cancels on you with an “excuse” that’s not even legit. Come on! But unfortunately, they’re everywhere. The flaky friends. We all have them. And they are generally pretty annoying.

​I get it, things come up. Shit happens. But women are smart and have a sixth sense when it comes to getting the wool pulled over our eyes. So when your “awesome friend” cancels on you once again, how do you handle it? Here are some ways to combat those suspect friends.

Stop inviting them.

Since you usually know what they won’t be down for, don’t even pick up your phone to invite them. It will save you a lot of frustration.

Let them know they are flakes.

She may not even realize that she keeps flaking. Be the bigger friend and call her out on it. Nicely and firmly.

Continue with your plans sans friend.

You have other friends. So get together with them and paint the town fuchsia without her presence.

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Make her an offer she can’t refuse.

If it’s that important to you to keep your plans with said friend, compromise and do something you know she probably won’t say ‘no’ to. Eating out or cooking her dinner is often a good option.

Onwards and upwards.

True friends won’t flake out on you continuously. It might be time to just move on. Next!

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A 23-year old out of Texan, Courtney enjoys day-dreaming about her plans to continue traveling and falling passionately in love. As an optimist, Courtney has decided to use her past heartbreaks and channel it positively into what she has always enjoyed doing most - writing!


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