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Taking Control of My Health: What Did My BMI Say?

Weight Loss
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Taking Control of My Health: What Did My BMI Say?

When Alma gets a physical she receives a rude awakening: she’s borderline obese. Read her story.

I spazzed out over my too-tight jeans and immediately decided to make a change.  Not just because I needed to get my sexy back, but because I also wanted to be healthy again. I knew that I couldn’t sit and sulk, whine, complain, or even cry about it. After all, no me iba a servir de nada. The truth is Alma got herself into this mess and Alma needed to get herself out.

The changes needed to be made quickly. Having another tight maones episode was not going to cut it. I would be ready the next time Noelia invited me to go clubbing. I was determined to feel confident about my body the next time I received her call, and excitedly say, “Yes!” without feeling the need to run straight to the mirror to see if I looked okay.

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But first, I needed to make sure I was healthy enough to work out. I made an appointment for a routine physical. “This ought to be a piece of cake, I always do well on physicals,” I said to myself on the way to the office.  Well, was I in for a surprise!  After getting my checkup, my doctor pulled out a BMI chart (Body Mass Index) and said that I was borderline obese.

“Are you serious?” I asked him.

“Yes, according to this BMI Chart you are borderline.”

I stared at him in disbelief. I never expected to hear this news. And then, denial kicked in hard!  “I’m not obese and I’m not making any damn changes.” I remember mumbling under my breath as I walked out of his office.  I was so angry with him, but deep down I knew I had no one to blame but myself.

After a few days, I managed to get the “poor me” syndrome out of my system. There were some changes that needed to be made and pronto. Where would I start?

“I’m not a dieter and I am not joining any of these weight loss programs,” I remember telling my mom.

Ay mija, tu sabes que te tienes que cuidar,” Mami said.

She was right. Soon, the quest became figuring out what to do next. Should I just starve myself? As much as I loved those late night Yaffa visits and that greasy New York style pizza, I had to change my eating choices.  Would this also mean beginning to work out again? Yes, it absolutely meant working out again.  I had to begin making the changes that would benefit my health.

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With some willpower, I knew I was on my way to creating the health I so needed. I knew I was capable of achieving a new and healthy me. And when these changes occurred, watch out mundo nocturno: sexy and healthy Alma would be back wearing the sexy jeans that started this journey.  The next time around, however, they would feel and look better. I would strut my stuff and feel amazing inside and out, because I took the time to create health and wellness in my life. And once that syndrome kicked in, I knew the rest would follow!

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Alma Taina

Alma Ramos-Gilbert is a wearer of many hats. She’s a wife, mother, therapist, writer, fitness instructor, dancer (particularly Caribbean rhythms but she's a lover of all genres), entrepreneur, and health coach - to name a few. A native Spanish speaker with a background in Communication and Spanish, she also holds a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University. Add her love and passion for all things natural - from food to cloth diapers to clean eating - and you'll see why she is on a mission to help others make better choices about their health.


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