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5 Swimsuits to Make Your Butt Look Fine (and I Mean Bigger)

Bikinis for big butt
Victoria Secret.


5 Swimsuits to Make Your Butt Look Fine (and I Mean Bigger)

Admire that JLo booty and need a boost? Check out these swimsuits.

I’m Dominican and in my culture men (and women) are all about the booty. Same goes for Puerto Ricans, Cubans and most of the folks that reside in the Caribbean. When we go to a boutique to try on clothing, we don’t ask, “does my ass look too big?” we ask, “does my ass look big enough?” That’s because we don’t want nargas that are chata. We want a rump that is high and wide and round and all around fine! Ahum.

JLo Big Booty

But, what if you weren’t blessed with an ass that just won’t quit? You can firm it up in the gym, or you can work some summer threats that make it stand out while frolicking on the beach. After all, summer is the season to show off your assets – in a swimsuit!

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What should you wear when riding the waves? Here are five swimsuits to make your ass look fine. And by fine, I mean bigger!

Horizontal Lines

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If you have small hips and a flat booty, try a bottom with horizontal stripes. Horizontal lines always make things look bigger, wider and (if you have a small frame) better. Buy Similar Style HERE.

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