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Solving An Embarrassing Beauty Disaster: That Pesky Chin Hair!

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Solving An Embarrassing Beauty Disaster: That Pesky Chin Hair!

While in college, I learned about psychology and communications as well as how to separate whites and cook white rice. I also learned a lesson in beauty. I remember watching my friend, Mary, in awe as she waxed her upper lip. It was 1996. Waxing facial hair wasn’t the trend it is today. As she pulled, I winced.

“Why do you do that?” I asked her.

She peeked at me from the corner of her eye and in an superior tone replied, “You don’t wax? You should.”

Immediately, I felt self-conscious. I never thought of my facial hair before that moment. Did I have a mustache? Did I look like a man? Did I have visible whiskers like a furry cat?

Mary rose from her seat. She walked over to me and lifted my chin, noting the hair on my upper lip without uttering a word.

“You need to wax,” she finally said.

I felt so small that I agreed with her without looking in a mirror. She was a senior at UMass Amhert. If she thought this freshman should wax, then start pulling!

Second later, she slathered hot yellow wax above my upper lip and chin and blew it dry before yanking. My eyes watered. Still, when finished, I loved my new hairless look. It’s something I’ve maintained since then.

Unfortunately, pesky facial hair can appear instantly. In the past, I’ve been so embarrassed to find a whisker of hair on my chin and upper lip. So, how does one deal when out on a date and you suddenly look like Garfield? Here are some tips:

  • Always carry a tweezer. Facial hair can sometimes grow uneven. Depending on when you wax or how you often you wax, a hair or two may grow quicker that the rest. If you carry a tweezer, you can pull those suckers out (especially those on the chin) wherever you are! It’s either that or cup your hand over your chin during your dinner date.
  • Get a waxing routine. I have a beauty routine for everything, including waxing. Just like a paint my nails once a week I wax twice a week since that’s when my facial hair begins to grow in. This helps facial hair grow back even so we don’t have to wax or pluck daily. It also serves as a reminder that we should always take time for ourselves to beautify.
  • Cover it up. There have been times where I haven’t had time to wax or my hair has grown in faster than usual. I don’t want to pluck all my hair out (just the pesky long ones) so I use makeup instead. If you are growing out your brows or want to even out your upper lip hair so you can yank them out at once, then cover it up with foundation. That will bide you some time!

Whether you want to or not, waxing facial hair has now become the norm. It ain’t 1996 anymore, ladies. 2012 is all about plucking and waxing and pulling away unwanted and unsightly facial hair. Hopefully these tips will help you in the process. Take it from me – a much wiser and older college grad.

I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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