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Signs Of The Universe: Hello Ladybug!


Signs Of The Universe: Hello Ladybug!

Meaning of A LadybugA ladybug circled around me before landing on my silver purse, and then onto my long, red maxi dress. Usually, I’d screech at the sight of any bug, cute red and black polka dots and all. Because I hate insects even if they are adorned in pretty colors and have a great favorite sense.

Still, with all my loathing, I didn’t kill the ladybug. I refrained from swiping it off my purse, killing it with a crushing blow from my chancleta, and allowed it to flutter. In that moment, I remembered what Mami once said; that ladybugs bring good luck. This ladybug, I concluded, was a positive sign of things to come. Call me superstitious, but I believe in the Universe. She sent this ladybug to sit on my purse, my dress, during a week of change and anticipation, which is why I watched the ladybug as it crawled up my dress, and silently asked her the following questions.

“Will I be okay now that I quit my job?” Her wings flapped rapidly. I took that as a yes.

“Will I receive many fruitful opportunities at BlogHer?” She flapped her wings again before taking flight and disappearing. That’s when my phone buzzed. I pulled it up close and realized I had an email. With one touch, the message opened up. I reviewed the content and smiled. A company that will be at BlogHer 2011 wanted to meet me so we could possibly work together.

Question answered.

I put my phone away and closed my eyes, visualizing my future. There were colors everywhere, red and white polka dots and an illuminating light. Is that you Universe? I asked. Yes, it must be, I concluded. This I was sure of, just like I was sure the ladybug was a sign. This was no misconception like Elijah Street or the many other ways I’ve twisted the Universe’s messages. Because, though I hate insects, I didn’t kill my ladybug. And now, I am basking in her glory.


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