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Be Self-First: How To Make Time for Yourself When Busy

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Be Self-First: How To Make Time for Yourself When Busy

How do you make time for self? It’s difficult when busy but being self-first and practicing self-care is a must for women. Here is how you can do so.

Lately, I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. No. Not a chicken. That’s a terrible visual that undermines my grind. A chicken that’s head has been cut off keeps going but without direction.

I have a plan. A master plan. So I’ll say that I am more like the Jamaican family depicted on “In Living Color” – The Hanleys. They own Hey Mon Airlines, are cooks, air traffic controls, engine mechanics, rent-a-car agents, pilots, and much much more. They are committed to having multiple streams of income.

So am I. Which is why I run around NYC from meeting to meeting and event to event. I am not complaining. This is what I asked for not long ago. I lay in bed, closed my eyes and said to God, “God, keep me busy! Bring on opportunities that will lead to more success.”

When you ask and really believe in His power, He delivers.

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Still, as I am getting busier by the minute – managing my business and time with my family, friends and my boyfriend – I am having trouble being present. I am present in body but I have not been in present in mind. My boyfriend just called me out on it. I felt terrible. I’ve always prided myself on being able to handle it all. I am the Queen of Multitasking! Something has to change. But what?

Time for self.

If I take time to unwind and center myself, I will be a much better girlfriend, friend, sister, cousin, and daughter. I will become a better version of myself for myself and be in the moment no matter how busy things get. Here’s how I plan to make time for self and continue to be self-first.

1. Take an hour a day to vege out. Even if it’s at the end of the night, I am going to take time for self by catching up on some of my favorite shows.

2. Turn off the iPhone and computer. Because even when playing Candy Crush I check my notifications! Our Smart phones can suck us in with just one “Bling!” It’s not conducive to taking time for self and being self-first.

3. Set a work-day schedule with breaks. I work from home and so it it harder to create a routine. I don’t have a set lunch hour; when I do eat I eat while working. No bueno! I have to set a schedule with breaks as if I were in an office outside the home.

4. Wake up and don’t grab the phone. This one is self-explanatory but it isn’t as easy as it seems. My first instinct when I rise from sleepy slumber is to grab my iPhone and check my email and social media pages. This habit blocks me from getting up or taking a few extra minutes to meditate, stretch and collect my thoughts.

5. Build my team. Cause then I don’t have to check my social media right when I wake up!

6. Take the time to reflect before and after bed. This is really important. I want to take 15 minutes before bed and after I rise to sit with myself. No work. No phone. Just me, breathing in and out and being present.

7. Journal writing. There’s nothing like putting pen to paper. It not only helps me reflect, but it also brings goals and dreams to fruition. I have journaled my desires numerous times and those very desires have come to be. If that isn’t a reason to take time for self and note our thoughts, I don’t know what is.

So let’s get to it. I am promising myself to make time for self and build these new habits. Cause this chica isn’t a Hanley; I am all Gonzalez.

Tell us. What are your struggles with time management? How do you wind down and take time for self?

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