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#SelfFirst Challenge: These Women Are All About Self-Love

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Sujeiry Gonzalez.


#SelfFirst Challenge: These Women Are All About Self-Love

Women post pictures to celebrate self-love for the #SelfFirst Challenge,

Today the #selffirst challenge comes to an end. During Hispanic Heritage Month, women uploaded photos of themselves on social media and told us what they loved about themselves. The challenge celebrated real (and honorary!) Latinas who believe in The Power of Self-First – that is to know yourself and love yourself as is.

The idea first came to me after perusing social media and watching women only value their physical attributes. I also noticed that many women are still not happy with who they are. In turn, we still turn on each other, envy one another, and wonder: why can’t I have what she has?

I’ve been very candid that I was in that very state of mind not long ago. Click here to read my experience. That’s why I felt it was important to create the #SelfFirst social media challenge and execute it during Hispanic Heritage Month. That way we can accept and love ourselves a little more, so we can embrace our hermanas that much more.

Here are some of the great women who participated in the first #SelfFirst Challenge.

Krista SelfFirstLisa SelfFirst

Vicky SelfFirstVictoria SelfFirst

Alma SelfFirst Jessica SelfFirst

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