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Reverb 10 Challenge: Day 11 (11 Things To Give Up in 2011)


Reverb 10 Challenge: Day 11 (11 Things To Give Up in 2011)

What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

This ones a toughie but a goody, so I’m going to jump right in!

1. My tarot cards. I haven’t used them in 6 months, but it’s partly because I haven’t had reason to. I use them when I have a love interest (also known as a love obsession). Whenever I’m stressed about the direction of a relationship, I pick up my cards, shuffle, and have a reading. It’s become so bad over the years that I’ve used my tarot cards to make simple, unimportant decisions. Should I call Mr. G? Pick up the cards, shuffle, do a reading. What will happen if I call Mr. G? Pick up the cards, shuffle, do a reading. I was completely dependent on a pack of cards. Ridiculous, I know, but my former state of mind nonetheless, which is why I’m thrilled to banish them all together. How? By throwing them out. It’s that simple, or at least I hope it will be. How will this change my life? By helping me cope with life healthily, without controlled, calculated moves and manipulation. Instead of having an outside force dictate my life, I’m tapping into my intuition and following suit. Now that’s progress.

2. Clutter. I’ve already begun this process. I’ve rearranged my space, donated clothing I no longer wear, and shredded paperwork that is no longer needed. I’ll continue doing so in 2011. Next up is my tax receipts from the past 10 years. Suzie Orman says the IRS audits tax payers in a 4 year span, so everything before 2006 (excluding my 1040 forms) will be confetti! This way my life will be clutter free to provide me with the space to grow.

3. Doubt. It isn’t tangible but it is something that I need to eliminate. It holds me back, especially when decision making, and being indecisive is not cute! The only way to eliminate this is by working on myself daily, taking life day by day, and snapping out of my self-doubt with positivity and focus. Once I erase the doubt that creeps into my thoughts, I will be fearless and be that much closer to living a fulfilled life.

4. Complaining. This has always been a challenge but one I am mastering thus far. I began battling the Whiny Monster in early April, a few days after Tia Argentina’s death and weeks before my birthday. I’ve done very well but still have some ways to go. Just must remember that there’s a reason behind every difficult moment and that life gets better. So no more complaining. It only leads to wallowing in sorrow and living a life of pessimism. Who wants that?

5. Hard Liquor. Yes, I’m speaking of you, Señor Bacardi! I’ve chugged you for too long and you don’t make me feel good anymore. As a matter a fact, your main purpose was to mask my sadness and anger when I was under your influence. Plus, I feel groggy in the morning after only 3 cups of you and your companion, Coca Cola. So boo to you!

How will I leave you? By sticking to what I’ve been doing since August 2010: drinking wine and champagne like fancy folks! So I bid you adieu, Bacardi. See you in low doses and on very special occasions!

6. Expectations. I’ve struggled with the idea that we shouldn’t expect anything from anyone but ourselves. I understand that I should allow people to be who they are but wonder to what extent. Not that I want to change anyone in my life. I just want those in my life to show me the same loyalty and love that I show them, meaning reciprocity. I know this may come in different forms and I accept it…now. So in 2011, I will let go of the pressure I have placed on many of my loved ones. They can be who they are and I can be me, because there is only one Sujeiry.

7. Social media. I wont be eliminating Facebook or Twitter, but I will no longer use these means to build relationships and bonds. Phone calls, face to face interactions, and writing letters are so essential when establishing a relationship and maintaining strong ties. I want that again. It wont be difficult. Ive already grown tired of the changing FB statuses and Tweeting every thought. This goal will be a piece of cake!

8. Using FB and Twitter during times of boredom, including during commercials, train riding, when waiting on line…its become a habit I want to break! This may seem small, but social networking is addictive! It has become a part of my every day existence and has made me that much more impatient and out of tune with myself and individuals. So starting in 2011 I am going to stop the nonsense! Instead of picking up my phone, I’ll read a book, or better yet, learn to live with waiting. Wish me luck!

9. Using FB and Twitter while crossing the street. Why stop? Because I want to live! How will I stop? Remind myself that it’s either stopping or getting hit by a car.

10. Stop relating to my 12 year old self. I notice I do this when I speak, like, “What am I 12?” It’s annoying!

11. Lastly, I’m going to stop saying I’m going to something and not do it! It’s all about follow through and it seems I follow through with others more than with myself. I must be just as loyal, if not more, to myself as I am to others.

It’s a wrap! Onto the next prompt I go, pepitas!

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