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Cleaning Out My Closet


Cleaning Out My Closet

Today I decided to clean house.  Open my closet and drawers, remove the clutter and store what is no longer needed. As I opened the lid to my clear, storage bin, I realized most of the items had not been worn for years. Some sweaters were too small. Some skirts were outdated. Trends that had faded or simply too muchachita for this now 32 year old woman.

I lifted and sifted through the mountain of clothing and knew there is no need for short skirts and half shirts too feel provocative, attractive and confident. I no longer want to present that image; it does not align with the person I am growing into. The person who recently photographed wool dresses and feminine, fitted blazers wouldn’t be caught dead in booty shorts and see-through, lace blouses.

And that’s when it dawned on me. For years I’ve been saying I want to be a professional, dedicated woman, yet I still have the wardrobe of a college student. So I pulled out item after item and began a new mountain. A pile up of sorts of the girl I used to be. After cleaning out my closet, I placed each item in a plastic grocery bag. I grabbed my keys, ran down four flights of stair – bags in hand – and made my way to Goodwill on 181Street.  I donated the wardrobe, finally letting go of the person that I was and still trying to be. Releasing myself from the irresponsibility, drunken nights, and commitment faulty relationships that left me broken and constantly sobbing.

With that one donation I felt free. I am making way for the new items that will hang on racks and be folded into wooden drawers.  So follow my lead. Look inside your closet and ask yourself: what version of me am I presenting?  Give away what no longer serves you and who you strive to be. It’s the only way to get that killer wardrobe you seek.

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