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3 Quick Tips on Planning A Housewarming Party with Your Man

Housewarming Party
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3 Quick Tips on Planning A Housewarming Party with Your Man

You moved in with your boyfriend and now it’s time to celebrate and show off your home. Here are quick tips on planning a housewarming with your man.

So you’ve taken your relationship to the next step; you and your man are officially living together! Like any other milestone, a celebration is in order. Once you have settled into your new place and you’re no longer living out of boxes, it is time to plan your housewarming.

I have been living with my man for almost six months, and we have finally decided to throw a housewarming. So I know exactly how it feels to prep for that big day. Why so important? Because it is the day where you show your loved ones your new home with your love. It has to be amazing, just like your relationship.

Also, as with planning any party, there are different variables to take into consideration. Guests, theme, decor, food, time, date: the list could go on! You also have to be sensitive of your man’s feelings since this party’s is not just about you. You must think about what he wants and who he wants to invite. Let’s make it easy and break it down!

1. Pick a theme.

A theme gives you a foundation for planning. Talk to your man; see if he wants a theme and compromise. If he’s a simple guy, choose two colors that you can both agree on. If he is down to have a themed party, go to Party City to pick up items. Personally, two of my favorite themes are summer and Mardi Gras. The latter just so happens to be the theme for my upcoming housewarming party.

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2. Think of your guest list.

Fortunately, I am friends with my man’s closest friends and vice versa, so creating our guest list was a piece of cake. But not everyone lucks out like I did. What if your not a fan of your man’s friends? What if he doesn’t like some of yours? In that case, you and your man have to compromise. You both want your homies there with you to celebrate your new home. You need to find a common ground. For example, if your man’s BFF tends to drink too much, your man should keep track of the number of solo cups he’s holding onto that night.

3. Send out those invites.

Since we live in the era of social media, most people send out their invites via Facebook or email. I did a mixture of both for my house warming. Not everyone is on Facebook! Or checks their FB a million times a week. As for what to say, have a catchy title. Add fun images that go with your theme. Make sure the information is clear but also fun.

All in all, your housewarming party is a representation of your love. So have fun, entertain and shine bright as a couple.

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