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Starting a Business – Where to Begin?

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Starting a Business – Where to Begin?

20121105-145955.jpgI’ve always wanted to own a business. I can’t recall when the dream began, but it’s been there, consistently permeating my thoughts.

What kind of business would it be? I often asked. What product could I offer that I have passion for? I wondered. For a while, I wasn’t sure. I was scared. Terrified of failure and success all at the same time.

I’ve been working on my relationship brand for years. Six years to be exact. I began as a writer, pursuing a Masters in Writing. I started a blog where I wrote stories upon stories about Elijah – my boyfriend at the time. In my relationship, I was young, dumb, and insecure. But one thing never wavered – I was a great writer.

Writing has been my outlet. Writing is what I love; I often call it my first love. Still, I wasn’t sure how to be successful financially while having a career as a writer. I need more than just a freelance position. I desire more than an editorial job. I want to be more than a best selling author.

I want an empire.

My professional journey has continued with many bumps, stumbles, successes, failures, and plenty of learning experiences. I have grown. I have become more aware. I know who I am, what I want, and what my brand consists of.

Love Sujeiry represents: passion, growth, women, inspiration, humor, self-awareness, and most of all, it’s about the power of self first.

Now, I am a business owner, something that I’ve always desired though I can’t recall when the dream began. I am so proud. I am ecstatic. I am an LLC. Professionally and personally, I am living the life I’ve always wanted to live. Are you?

Let’s take this moment to analyze where we can go as female entrepreneurs. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are looking to start your own business.

1. What am I passionate about? We should all know what we love. What stirs us. That’s where our focus should always be.

2. What have I been doing successfully over the last few years? Have the people in your life ever asked you to decorate their home? Have your friends always told you that your makeup is flawless? These are things that we often hear in our daily lives but don’t take into account when starting a business. You have to be an expert at something. If people continuously come to you for something specific, then that is where you shine. If you’re good at something, that is where your business should lie.

3. What can I build on that I’ve already begun? If you look at the work that you’ve done professionally, it is likely that you’ve worked on your business unknowingly. Let’s say you have a passion for event planning. You’re often called upon to plan events for friends and family members. You planned that baby shower for your cousin, a bachelorette party for your sister, or a surprise birthday party for a coworker. Naturally, you’ve taken on the role of event planner! You’ve been doing the work. You’ve been building your skill set.

So, look at your life and what it is that you desire. Tap into where you’ve been and build on your skills. It’s the way to a solid foundation and a successful business venture.

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Sujeiry is a natural storyteller, dynamic radio show host and the proud CEO of She's been at this digital media and content creation game for 15 plus years and pours her heart and soul onto - the only site for Latinas on all things love. After realizing there was a void in the love/relationship Latina media market, she took matters into her own hands and became the go-to sex and relationship expert on Latinx platforms. The former sex and relationship expert on works diligently and passionately to encourage women of color to be their authentic selves as they navigate all things love.


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