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Motivation In Meditation: Start Early!


Motivation In Meditation: Start Early!

It’s never too early to begin meditating. I don’t personally meditate like the pros. No Lotus position or silent retreats on weekends. And definitely no incense. Incense gives me a headache and makes me think of Maryjane. A headache and a memory of a night of hallucinations and paranoia is not the best way to relax.

So, how exactly do I meditate? By sleeping. But not just any kind of sleep. I’m talking about the close-my-eyes-breath-deeply-and-enter-into-a-fifth-dimension kind of sleep. Sleep to me is invigorating…motivating. It is the best way to release the day’s stresses and begin anew the next day and the one after that. Unfortunately, my creativity sometimes makes sleep impossible. I am one of those writers who is ready for bed, lights out and sexy music on (in my head), when, suddenly, a sentence interrupts Rihanna’s “S&M” and pops into my head. This happens a few times a night, pre-sleep. And so I toss and turn until I grab my iPhone, open my Docs2Go and jot down the relentless sentence. Sometimes this helps. Other times it’s 4am and I am tapping away on my touch screen, completing a story that began with one line, wishing I could wipe the crust off my eyes and go back to Riri like normal folks!

Alas, I am far from normal.

This is why I now sleep with the sounds of the ocean. I haven’t moved any where near the ocean (squeals from the Hudson River don’t count) but I have downloaded a free iPhone application that will provide my mind with some rest. I turn it on and set the clock for an hour or so. Lay down, head on my flat pillow. Begin inhaling and exhaling. Concentrating on my breath like those short, elderly Indian dudes who do handstands with closed eyes. I drift off into a meditative sleep and, just like that, I am snoozing. No Rihanna. No dreams of my attempts at dirty talk. No ideas bombarding my mind. Just out for the count, much like my niece, Nila, who is sleeping soundly on my bed as I write this, snoozing along to the sounds of ocean waves.

Because it’s never too early to begin meditating.

And that little missy is going to conquer the world and wipe the crust off my eyes when I’m as old as those short, balanced Indian dudes.

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