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How I Taught My Mother Better Grooming Habits



How I Taught My Mother Better Grooming Habits

My mom’s hooked on waxing and has never again looked at a razor.

All women can relate to the overwhelming hassle of finding the best feminine products for their skin type and sensitivity levels. I have struggled with finding the perfect balance between a kempt and healthy vagina.

After sharing my constant shaving fails with my mother, I found she was facing the same struggle. In an attempt to solve both of our dilemmas, I went on a trial and error run with an array of hair removal products. When all faith was dwindled, I discovered an esthetician doing God’s work and blessing the ladies of NYC with Brazilian waxes. It was a quick, nearly-painless method of achieving a smooth kitty cat – so I quickly spread the word.

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Now, although she’s an old fashion woman, my mother is very open-minded and adventurous. In the beginning, convincing her to spread her legs and get groomed by a middle-aged woman was a bit difficult. After our first appointment together, she was praising our specialist and booked an appointment for the following month. Now she’s hooked on waxing and has never again looked at a razor.

This adventure was one of many great bonding moments for us. I love sharing healthy, learning experiences with the woman who taught me the usefulness of tampons, condoms and saving money. I personally believe these are great ways to bring women together in the name of making womanhood easier for all.

If you’re a woman looking to open a comfortable conversation about waxing or grooming with your mother, daughter or friends, I have devised a list of selling points. Now, not every woman is open to someone snooping between their legs, but with the right approach and execution you’ll have a Brazilian wax buddy for life. Here you go:

In the famous words of Olivia Pope “It’s Handled!”

While shaving monopolizes a lot of precious time and requires some effort (depending on how furry the kitty is) waxing is effortless. Wave goodbye to all your worries and let the esthetician handle them.

Skip the line at the grocery store.

Using hair removal products like Nair can produce harmful effects such as burns and infections. Waxing is a clean-cut (no pun intended) process. No more unnecessary, costly visits to the grocery store.

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Beautiful long lasting effects!

Waxing is proven to have longer lasting effects while also producing thinner, softer new growth.

If you or a loved one are still a bit hesitant about sharing your goods with another woman. Don’t worry because most wax centers have you covered (literally). My current spa has what they call a disposable thong. In addition to being used for a cover-up, this adjustable piece of cloth helps the esthetician measure your desired wax area. For example, some ladies prefer to leave an island of hair for a little extra purr to her kitty while others prefer a completely bald Brazilian wax. This is a great way to combat the fear of revealing too much.

I sincerely hope this urges readers to live life on the edge (of a wax table)! Check out The European Wax Center and About Faces Spa & Salon to get you on your way to a silky smooth vagina. I’ve had great experiences there. Happy waxing!

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Ciara Ward

Ciara is a Virginia-born, New York made journalist advocating for a woman’s right to live and love whomever, wherever and however she likes. When she is not relishing in a good book or being a self-proclaimed yogi and wine connoisseur, she enjoys destroying slut-shaming ideologies and empowering women. She is currently pursuing a degree in Journalism with a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies while simultaneously exploring her sexual being and sharing her experiences, journey and advice with fellow millennial women.


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