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A Letter to Mother: My Super Woman and Best Friend

Mother and Daughter Baby
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A Letter to Mother: My Super Woman and Best Friend

Mothers can be our best friends. A daughter writes a letter to her mom and why she is her super woman.

Being a freshman in college is hard enough without having to deal with horrible roommates. Yes, plural. I had two and then two suit mates. That’s a lot of estrogen! So when it’s 1:30 in the morning on a weeknight, and you can’t handle the crap you’ve put up with anymore, you may have to let go of your frustration by screaming and crying.

I did. The first person who popped into my head to help me cope was my mom.

She came to get me in her not so trusty Toyota Camry and took me to IHOP where she sat silently and listened as I went on and on. After my first real heartbreak, she rubbed my back until I fell asleep crying over a love I thought was going to move mountains and be different from what I witnessed with my own parents, all while asking her, “Why didn’t he want me?”

I’ve always been the type to assume the best in people; I tend not to tread lightly. Because of this I have learned the hard way that the seemingly strongest bonds are the ones that will rip into you the most when you realize you were played and disrespected. By males and females.

In my past, I’ve had some pretty awesome friendships. But even as I near my 24th birthday it is hard for me to label any girlfriends that I have as “best friends.” I’ve kept friendships that I value through the years, but I learned a tough lesson once I graduated high school and entered college. I lost trust in my once upon a time best friend.

My best friend and I were inseparable throughout high school and when everything was laid out on the table, I saw the knife she stabbed me with. The things I realized she had done to me showed me – whether by her misjudgment or not – that there is only one person who will never let me down – my mama!

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Turns out I’ve always had the ultimate kick-ass BFF. Honestly, she’s Wonder Woman in disguise. Not only does she teach me how to be self-confident and beautiful, she shows my brother how to be a man.

My parents have been divorced since I was 17 and no one has our back like her. She and I have the craziest adventures together and always end those escapades by saying, “What were we thinking?” “We’ve got to do this again!” and “Let’s not put this on Facebook.” I know everyone says they have the best mom, but mine takes the cake, pie, cookies, AND ice cream.

No one has taught me more about how important it is to follow my dreams, be kind to those who can offer you nothing, how to never be afraid of love (although that’s still something I am working on), and how to always be nothing less than your true self. My mama is a tough, independent, caring and beautiful little lady – seriously she’s 5’2” – any daughter would be proud to have. And she continues to pave the way for me to follow her lead. You know what they say: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Which is way true for us since I’m 4’10” and her spitting image! So here’s hoping I follow in her wonderful footsteps.

Here’s to all the mothers! And here’s to mine. My superhero.


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A 23-year old out of Texan, Courtney enjoys day-dreaming about her plans to continue traveling and falling passionately in love. As an optimist, Courtney has decided to use her past heartbreaks and channel it positively into what she has always enjoyed doing most - writing!


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