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Learning How To Sew: My First Seam!


Learning How To Sew: My First Seam!

The Sewing Studio KitWhen I was a little girl I wanted to learn to sew. I watched as Mami worked the Singer, threading the bobbin while her foot steadily pressed the petal.  I asked her to teach me multiple times and on various occasions. But Mami shooed me away, claiming she was “too busy.” Besides, why did I need to learn to sew? That’s what she was there for.

Today I took matters into my own hands. Instead of complaining about my threadless childhood and unquenched thirst for zippers, buttons, and pattern making, I enrolled in an 8-week class at The Sewing Studio in Manhattan. I was fortunate enough to catch a good deal through Groupon back in January. Now, my dream of being like the contestants on Project Runway will become reality!

Or maybe not.

Learning to sew is much more difficult than I imagined. Then again I don’t ever think anything will be challenging for me. I usually dive into a project and become a master. This time, however, it’s going to take a little time and patience.

My first seam was…ahum…interesting.

Bad Stitch - The Sewing Studio

My short-term loss memory struck again and I forgot to lower the lever, which caused quiet a messy and bulky stitch. I felt like an idiot when my professor passed by and said, “Oh no! The lever is still up!” She reached in toward the back of the machine and slid it to the right. “Try it now,” she instructed.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And that’s what I did. After a few seconds of feeling foolish and amateurish, I finally made a great seam! The stitch was straight and everything!

Perfect Stitch - The Sewing Studio

So my first class was a success. Before leaving my teacher Celeste even said, “Good job, Sujeiry.” I beamed before picking up my brand new “The Sewing Studio” black bag. It holds all the materials that will help me become an amazing sewer. Soon enough, I will sit in my living room, threading the bobbin while my foot steadily presses the petal. Maybe I’ll teach my mother a thing or to.

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