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Motivation in Relaxation: A Few Helpful Tips


Motivation in Relaxation: A Few Helpful Tips

Sujeiry in Puerto RicoThis weekend I found motivation in relaxation. Incredibly ironic, I know, but there is something in spending mornings at the beach and nights at a bar that loosens the knots in my neck. Chugging “Juice” and “Rum Punch” with high school friends calmed my quick mind and fingers; texting, tweeting, and updating Facebook wasn’t allowed or missed.

How did I do it? How did I actually unplug from the beast that is social media? By following these steps.

Here are some more ways to relax by yours truly, which will hopefully lead to motivation. DISCLAIMER: These tips were approved by Dr. Sujeiry of Get Real Therapy. Unfortunately, she is neither a doctor nor therapist. So please don’t sue me. I’m too pretty to go to jail!

  • Free Yo’ Self: Like the filthy pigeons that stain my window with bird shit, our minds must be trained to relax. I throw water at the pigeons to motivate them to act. Call me the second coming of Pavlov. As for my mind, I unleash reaffirming messages. “You can put the phone away!” I whisper. “I believe in your ability to lay on a beach, sip on Bacardi and sleep in till 11am!” I encourage. “We can doooooooo this!” I cheer. And just like the pigeons flap away and perch themselves onto another window, my to-do lists find temporary housing elsewhere. Once I’m ready to return, it’s on like Donkey Kong!
  • Misty Water Colored Memories: There’s something about the way we were that fills us with joy. Our youthful appearance; our risky behavior; our belief that we are as invincible as the Invincible Man himself: it truly inspires us to live in the moment. So take some time out to recall your youngin’ days. Flip through old photographs. Catch up with old friends over drinks (again with the Bacardi). Dance around in your old tutu while recreating the magical moves of The Running Man and Cabbage Patch and the sexy (not really) Butterfly. The way you were will put a smile on your face.
  • You’ve Been Iced: There’s nothing like a good icing to get a gal to put her iPhone away…unless she’s taking photos of said icing. A friend of mine introduced this game to me this very weekend. What does it entail? Two main ingredients: bottles of Smirnoff Ice and a compliant player. First, you buy the Smirnoff Ice at your local Rite Aid or bodega. Then you stuff your purse or pants pockets with as many bottles of Smirnoff Ice’s as you wish to use. The more bottles in your possession, the more icing can be accomplished. And trust me, that’s a great thing. To explain this better here is a how to video:

[yframe url=’’]

I feel more relaxed already, and due to this I am ready and motivated. Moral of the story: take some time off in order to stay on your grind and shine!

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