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Yaaas! My Shoes Are Organized & Safe from The Trash

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Yaaas! My Shoes Are Organized & Safe from The Trash

I have one closet for my clothes, shoes – everything! Here’s an organization solution.

Nothing excites me more than shoes. Stilettos, strappy sandals, wedges, booties, knee-length boots: I can go on and on about how much I love shoes. But, recently I am loving something even more than buying fresh and colorful footwear – organizing said shoes.

Yes, I sound like a total nerd. Actually, I’m morphing into Mami – putting things in specific places, labeling everything and making sure it all stays exactly where it should. (Someone help me!)

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You can blame nesting. At 36 weeks pregnant, all I want to do is remodel and reorganize our apartment. Project Organization, or Where’s All My Shit, as Boo calls it, has been underway for the last two months. Pretty much since we decided to stay in our one-bedroom apartment to save money for a house.

What does this have to do with shoes? I have tons of them and had no idea where to store My Precious.

I only have one closet. That’s one closet for my clothes, shoes, purses and everything girlie. It’s a New York thing. We basically live in shoeboxes. #Punintended. So I had to find a solution.

How did I organize and DIY the shit out of my closet to make room for my shoes, and not just fling them in there and one day hope to find my favorite pair?

With a lot of creativity, Amazon research and recyclable furniture.

Step 1. Find a bookshelf that’s just taking up space. But what am I going to to do with all my books? you ask. Donate some, keep your faves, and invest in a workstation that includes shelving to save space. I purchased the KALAX Workstation from IKEA.

KALAX Workstation IKEA

You can also buy a floating bookshelf from Amazon.

Floating Bookshelves

Now, you have an empty bookshelf that can be used for shoe storage.

Step 1a. (optional) If you have many shoes, buy an extra shoe organizer. I already had one that is shorter than the bookshelf, so I placed it in front of the bookshelf, which stands on its side in the back of my closet (against the wall).

Step 2. Purchase plastic shoe boxes from Amazon. They are smaller than regular shoeboxes and take up less space. (FYI: they aren’t big enough for high boots. I stuffed my boots next to the bookshelf turned shoe organizer. They are out of sight and I had the space.) Plus, you can see your shoes through the plastic! No more sifting through heels to find the perfect pair for your outfit!

plastic see through shoe boxes

Bonus: each package comes with four plastic shoe boxes. I bought two packages for a total of eight shoe boxes, and might buy another set for my future shoes. Cause buying shoes is a reality – even if I’ll have to reorganize or put the new shoes atop of my head.

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Step 3. Start organizing. And prioritizing. I decided to store my closed-toe shoes and boots in the bookshelf that is behind the smaller shoe organizer. It’s summertime and I won’t be wearing any of those shoes anytime soon. I also stacked the plastic shoeboxes on top of each other to make more room. Lastly, I left  out some of my heel and sandals for decor purposes. They just looks so pretty. (Swoon!) Aaaand you are done!

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Now, I am off to sit on my bed and admire my reinvented closet – shoes front and center. I’m as giddy as my Mami when she tries a new cleaning product. God help me!

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