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Boy Troubles! And I’m Not Talking About a Man

Baby Boy in Cowboy Boots
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Boy Troubles! And I’m Not Talking About a Man

I’m having a boy. A penis is growing inside of me and, honestly, I was disappointed.

I always envisioned myself birthing and raising girls. Whether I had 2, 4 or 6 kids (Dominican “Brady Bunch” status!) they would all have vaginas, become moody teenagers, and eventually tell momma about their love woes and seek my relationship advice. Well, I’m having a boy. A penis is growing inside of me as I type and, honestly, I was disappointed. The only reason why I didn’t cry out in pain, shaking a closed fist up to Heaven, was…preparation.

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No, not Preparation H! The hemorrhoids come later (ouch). Weeks before my Panorama screening, which tests for Down Syndrome and also identifies the baby’s gender, I perused the world wide web for baby boy clothes and baby-boy mom blogs.

I’m going to convince myself that I’m having a boy, I reasoned, so if it’s a girl, I’ll be thrilled. If it’s a boy, I won’t sob in a fetal position like a Telenovela star.

And it worked. When Boo unsealed the envelope with the gender results, and I pulled out the paper and read “IT’S A BOY!” in blue lettering, I didn’t freak out. Boo was thrilled. His eyes glossed over as he imagined playing catch with Boo, Jr. You know, like I once imagined getting manicures with Sujeirita.

We hugged. I told him that what matters is that our baby is healthy. And it does, it matters. But still, in that moment my heart sank a little. My mind swirled with visions of a penis urinating on my face as I change his diaper, and a kid in mud. I asked Boo, “What am I going to do with a boy?!” He shrugged and skipped along. So happy, that one.

So, how did I get over my disappointment over having a boy? I did what most mommas-to-be do now – googled “disappointed over having a boy.” And holy shit, I hit the jackpot! I found forums and blog posts (oh my) where women shared their feelings of devastation because they were going to have to clean a penis and not a vagina. Some woman felt so disappointed that they cried for weeks and months. Damn son!  #PunIntended

I felt for them, I did. But I also felt better because I didn’t feel that bad, especially after browsing through baby boy pics on Pinterest. Who can resist a cute baby pic even if it’s a boy? Then, I stumbled upon some mom blogs that shared what to look forward to with a boy – and panic ensued.

  1. Get ready to get dirty! Boys like to play in mud and are messy. (Me while reading: BUT I’M A GERMAPHOBE!)
  2. Prepare for an adventure! Boys are super active and have tons of energy. (Me while reading: BUT I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE!)
  3. They won’t listen all too well but they’re so fun. (Me while reading: BUT I TALK SO MUCH AND BOO ALREADY IGNORES ME!)

Then, I read this other fun fact:

Boys love their mommas and are super cuddly. Their love is like no other.

And my heart melted.

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So there you have it – I’m having a messy, active, lovable boy. Or not. I mean, he’s a boy (I’m not senile) but maybe he’ll be creative, tidy and gentle, while being adventurous and independent. Until he’s out of my oven, all I can do is continue to pray for good health and that he loves his momma like no one else. I’ll have no trouble with that at all.

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