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Creating An Action Plan and Sticking To It!


Creating An Action Plan and Sticking To It!

Last night, I forced myself to create an action plan. I literally dragged myself from underneath my comfy covers, lifted my heavy arms, and lethargically conducted a Google search for action plan templates. My exhaustion had much to do with Aunt Flow. Mami once told me to rest often when menstruating, but, as a youngster, I ignored her advice, believing her Dominican stories of disfigured women were a myth.

No habra la puerta cuando estas caliente! Se te va torser la cara!” She often warned.

And though this myth has nothing to do with Aunt Flow, yesterday, I felt so drained it was as if Mami had jinxed me!

But back to the action plan.

After an hour or so, I found the perfect document. The format was simple, a table with columns and rows to add goals, resources needed to accomplish said goals, and deadlines. I downloaded the Word document and got to work, while remembering to limit myself to my top three goals. I have so, so many. If I wrote them all down, breaking down each goal into sub-goals, I’d be sure to crawl back into bed. I’m not easily overwhelmed. But sitting in front of my Mac, jotting down each step I must take to get me to a place where I am creating full time, earning large amounts of money, and promoting Pepa™ Power and 1st Lady of Love, well, it’s just terrifying. It’s terrifying to think of all that I have to do, particularly because I do it alone. I must build a team.

And down that went on my action plan.

By the end of the night (4 hours later to be exact), I felt extremely motivated and organized. Before bed, I crossed off two tasks I had to accomplish by today, June 6th, as per my deadline. Those tasks were to create new categories for the revamp of and redirecting the old links once the categories were created. As for knocking down the other tasks from my action plan, today I met with Vicky Ayala, CEO of Left Right Brain Media, and discussed the visual redesign of, plus other business ventures that I am very excited to share once they are launched. Aunt Flow or not, I am going to fulfill my destiny, because, as Mami always says, “Lo que esta para ti, esta para ti.”

And that, Pepitas, is no myth.

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