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Take That Pregnancy Stretch Marks! A Product That Works

Pregnant Belly
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Take That Pregnancy Stretch Marks! A Product That Works

When Boppy Bloom came a-knocking I took on the challenge. If only to show off my mid-drift…

“You can use coco butter,” my cousin, Yari, said when I called her in a panic weeks after learning I was pregnant. I worried about stretch marks and that I’d “lose my body to those beastly scars.” Dramatic, I know, but stretch marks remain forever. And, though I don’t plan on baring my mid-drift like I did in high school and college, I do want to feel like a sexy woman and be confident in my skin. Stretchy skin won’t help my cause!

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Enter Boppy Bloom: a skin care line for pregnant women for stretch mark prevention. I didn’t believe it would work. Mostly because every mom I spoke to told me to accept that my body was no longer mine and “there’s nothing you can do about it, Sujeiry.” Optimistic, I refused to give up. I Googled ways to keep stretch marks at bay and found the following:

  • Coconut butter (just like Yari said)
  • Sugar (just make sure not to cut your skin while you rub)
  • Aloe Vera (Vitamin E!)
  • Olive Oil (so you can smell like a salad)
  • Castor Oil (wait, don’t they use this in chemical warfare?)
  • Potato juice (just pass the oil so I can make french fries)

None of these seemed appealing, so when Boppy Bloom came a-knocking (and didn’t make me feel like I had to fry an egg on my belly) I took on the challenge!

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And, ladies, it works. At 3 months pregnant, I began using all three products. This is my bare tummy now at 8 months pregnant.

Pregnancy No Stretch Marks
Interested in Boppy Bloom? Check our their products on Amazon. I used all three at the same time (and used the products twice a day as recommended). I was not playing!

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As for my pregnant belly, I hear that my stomach will continue to blow up like a basketball, so I’ll continue to use Boppy Bloom until baby boy is done cooking. To the naysayers and skeptics, the proof is in the photos – and when you see me in person in a few months, rocking a bikini with no stretch marks. I may even bring back my mid-drift.

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