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#TruthTuesday: I Confuse My Words Because I’m Bilingual

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#TruthTuesday: I Confuse My Words Because I’m Bilingual

That’s when it dawned on me…dun dun dun…my bilingualism was the culprit! I had issues yo.

So many of you may not know this, but I’m Dominican! I kid, I kid. If you’ve followed my career from inception, you know how much I love my culture – even if I hate the “que lo que’s” and “ta to” linguists.

What you may not know is that this Dominican’s first language was Spanish, which makes certain things hard to translate. I still sometimes think in Spanish and many bilingual people can relate. So my confession for today is super silly and kind of cute, if I do say so myself. It’s also super embarrassing! For the longest time when someone blew gas I used to say, “Somebody threw a fart.” But that’s not right, you see. It’s “someone farted.” I said it wrong because en Español you say, “Se tiro un peo.” When you translate that it’s (you guessed it) “someone threw a fart.”

I didn’t realize my mistake until college when my friend, Kendall, asked, “What do you mean? Like, you throw a baseball?” That’s when it dawned on me…dun dun dun…my bilingualism was the culprit! I had issues yo. And till this day I find it hard not to say..well, you know.

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Let me know your confession today on #TruthTuesday. Cause it’s confession time! Don’t be shy; share, share, share!

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