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Don’t Sweat Celebrities…Unless It’s Motivational Beyonce!


Don’t Sweat Celebrities…Unless It’s Motivational Beyonce!

Me and Lisa Mateo at PIXMe and Sukanya at PIXI’ve never been starstruck. I’ve been in close vicinity to many celebrities and have treated them just like anyone else who shops and dines and breathes. Lilith from “Frasier” once sat on the seat next to me on the downtown 1 train. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. But if she would’ve of jabbed me in the tummy with her elbow when exiting the train, I would’ve jabbed her right back like a true New Yorker.

Zoe Saldana was also treated like the rest. At Mansion nightclub in Miami, FL, she walked in with Kellee Stewart, the actress who played her younger sister in Guess Who. Zoe spotted me when she walked into the club, scanning my outfit; eyes roaming my body from head to toe. Suddenly, she approached me and exclaimed, “I love your dress! Where did you get it?” “New York,” I replied calmly, as if speaking to a friend. “Of course it’s from New York!” She said. “It’s gorgeous,” she finished off. I smiled and thanked her for her compliment. Zoe waved goodbye but, before she could make it past the bar, my sister yelled, “Oh my God, I love you! Dominicana!”

Talk about uncool!

So, does any celebrity inspire me to act a fool in their presence? A few nights ago I would have said, “No,” but after seeing Beyonce’s performance at the 2011 Billboards Awards I have to say, “WOW!” This young woman is such a professional. She is uber talented in dance and song and is original in every sense of the word. Plus, when receiving her Billboard tribute award she was so humble. She thanked all those who have paved the way and even showed gratitude to the Destiny’s Child members, including originals members La Tavia and Letoya.

Aside from last nights performance, I know a principal who spend an entire afternoon with Beyonce at an “Essence” photo shoot. Beyonce agreed to partake in an interview and photo shoot with the Alvin Ailey dance class of I.S.528, a public middle school in Washington Heights. The principal beamed while telling the story, sharing how Beyonce walked into the photoshoot to greet the kids and the staff without makeup. “She stood next to me while watching the kids rehearse and held my hand the entire time!” The principal recounted. “I couldn’t believe I was holding hands with Beyonce. She is so sweet, beautiful, and humble!” The principal finished, still starstruck.

That’s exactly how I would have felt. Startruck. You see, I admire women who are artistically talented and business savvy entrepreneurs. I salute women who have as much clout and influence as Beyonce and still inspire other women to strive for the same success. I swoon when any female with power empowers and lives her life positively. That’s how it always should be because as Beyonce sings it’s all about “Girls! Who Rule The World!”

And now the video from last night’s Billboard awards. It is the Beyonce tribute and performance that left me sweating a star as if I were a teenybopper at a Justin Bieber concert. Simply inspiring.

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