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5 Things…I Learned About Sisterhood Through LLBloggers


5 Things…I Learned About Sisterhood Through LLBloggers

Ana Lydia and Sujeiry LLBloggersThe word “sister” has many meanings. An only child may define it as a relationship she’s never had. An older sister may moan about the incessant neediness of her younger sister, while the younger sister may despise her older sisters know-it-all attitude. Then there are those who have a sisterly connection with hermanas who aren’t related at all.

And that’s how I feel about the members of the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers group.

I have connected with members via Facebook comments, blog posts, and encouraging likes and tweets. I have engaged with like-minded women who celebrate my triumph daily. I have pushed many of my new found hermanas to be the best creative women that they can be. And so, this “5 Things…” about the meaning of sisterhood, is dedicated to the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers members.

  • S Is For Supporting Your Sisters: Support. A small word with a big impact. Supporting one another as creative Latinas can be difficult for many. There’s the matter of competition, insecurity, and, many times, negative assumptions. I get it. We all want to succeed and many of us work in the same field, fighting over one brand opportunity or for the same advertiser. And yet, the support I receive from the women of LLBloggers, many whom I’ve yet to meet face to face, exceeds the support I receive from family members and lifelong friends. It make me feel all gooey inside.
  • A Little Understanding: Most of the women in my life don’t understand what I do for a living. Mami assumes that I’m hablando on Facebook all day and others worry about my future. Their pragmatism shows in emails and phone calls. They plead with me to have a plan. Questions about salary, how I will save money to relocate to Los Angeles, and 401Ks are abundant. Because they care and fail to comprehend my dream, vision, and passion. In the spirit of sisterhood, a little understanding goes a long way, and my hermanas at LLBloggers understand in great abundance.
  • Accept Me For Me: Sisters love to receive a nod, a smile, or words of encouragement to keep them on track. I can speak to this as I’ve always sought approval from my eldest sister. She and I are different in many ways. Adayna is a Senior Vice President for a corporation and I will be the CEO of 1st Lady of Love Media. She is also bustier, hippier, and mas morenita, not to mention more reserved (she often calls me out, stating that I should be more PC). Still, I manage to accept her as is. Acceptance is an essential component of sisterhood. With that one look of admiration, that one motivational word, our fellow sisters will make magic.
  • Collaborate With Your Hermanas: I thrive when I work with other women. There is something about Pepa Power™ that is…powerful. Due to my passion and desire to work with women, I have taken it upon myself to work with my hermanas at LLBloggers. The results and feelings of accomplishment, unity, and support feels amazing. There is power in numbers.
  • Stop The Hate: I have been very vocal about my hate for the word “hate.” There is nothing sisterly about believing that other women are intentionally creating havoc in your life because they “hate” you and your success. Just because another gal disagrees with you or communicates with you in a negative or aggressive way doesn’t mean they “hate”. Maybe they don’t communicate effectively. Maybe you and her just don’t click. Or maybe they don’t know how to take you. So, hermanas. Instead of perpetuating the idea that we, as women, hate on each other because we may not agree or believe in one another, how about we call it like it is. Projection. There is something in said “hateration” that is revealing something about you — the “hater” and the “hate-y”. Accept that. Dissect it. And keep it positive, just like we do at LlBloggers.

With all that said, I thank Ana Lydia Monaco for developing this group and allowing me to have a role in growing LLBloggers. I’ve never felt this bond with other women before. I have never felt so accepted, so understood, so supported, so loved, so respected, or so exalted.

And that, Pepitas, is the meaning of sisterhood.

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Larissa and Sujeiry - LLBloggers in NYC

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ElizTalks, Patti, and Sujeiry - LLBloggers in NYC

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