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A Wish List Plus My Wendy Williams Cameo (34 at 34 Challenge)


A Wish List Plus My Wendy Williams Cameo (34 at 34 Challenge)

Come Estaaaas?!

Jotting down a list of my goals took longer than expected. I hardly thought of the tasks until the very last minute. At first, I was discouraged. Am I too exhausted to goal set? Not exactly. It just turns out that I set goals mentally in every day life.

Finally, I was able to take a few minutes to write down what I live daily. There is power in list making. You’ll see once you write your list, put it away and return to it. You will discover that you’ve completed almost every task and goal. Just like I have recently.

Last year, my wish list for 33 consisted of long term goals. One of these goals was to meet Wendy Williams and, more specifically, to sit on her couch. I have yet to caress her plush sofa and really dish about love, relationships and Love Trips with Wendy. But today I was an audience member and had a quick chat with her on air!

Check out my moment with Wendy Williams below.

For my new wish list, I am upping the ante. However, I will not share what that entails until it has come to fruition (that mal de ojo is a bitch!). However, here are a few of the 34 things I will do at 34:

  • Get my drivers license. What can I say? I’m from New York!
  • Moving out. I’ve talked about this on Mamiverse but this time I am doing it. The countdown has begun!
  • Become a better swimmer. Again. I am from NYC! No (pretty) beaches in site.
  • More press for Love Trips. This one is a work in progress. I am pushing for a BIG publication to review my book.
  • Publish another book. Yup. You read it right!
  • More freelance work. I am focusing on freelancing more so I can live comfortably when I do move out.
  • Work on that Achilles Heel. This ties in with money. Only I and a few people know what it means!
  • A celebrity endorsement of Love Trips. If a celebrity loves my book, chances are so will all their followers. That means a best seller on my hands!

The list goes on and on. I truly do have 34 things to do at 34. And I feel good about it all. Today is a testament to that. I got a glimpse of what my future holds while watching Wendy Williams on her show. It all begins with list making.

Did you make your list? Share your wishes on the comment section below! And don’t forget to return tomorrow (Tuesday) for the next (34) at (34) Challenge exercise. 

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