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5 Reasons Why I’m Not So Enthused About My 36th Birthday

Want to Stay Young


5 Reasons Why I’m Not So Enthused About My 36th Birthday

Sujeiry is turning 36 and she wants to stop the clock so she can stop aging! And then some. Here are five reasons why she’s not enthused about her birthday.

But I don’t want to grow old!

I am turning 36. Shit. That’s the first thought that came to mind after my sister and friends asked, “What are you doing for your birthday this year?”

Many are shocked that I don’t have a plan though my birthday is in 15 days. I am the birthday girl. The one who expects folks to call (not text) at midnight. The one who plans a birthday celebration the day of her birthday – not the weekend before or after. It doesn’t matter if my birthday falls on a Monday or a Tuesday or even on God’s day (Sunday for the atheists). It is my National Holiday!

Yes, I’m the one who calls her birthday a national holiday. That’s the girl I have always been. That’s how serious I am about birthdays.

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So, what makes this year different? I will tell ya. Here are five reasons why I am not so enthused about my 36th birthday.

I Am Still Not A TV Star
You heard me correct. I am mad that I am going to be 36 and I am not a staaaah. What (or who) does a woman have to do to get a TV deal? As you all know, I have been hustling for the cause for years. Exhibit A and B, y’all! And I’m still not there yet. Just keep swimming? Tell that too my soon-to-be 36 year old fins! Arthritis may just kick in.

I May Just Scare Men
I want to get married and have babies. And men know. I don’t even have to tell men that I want these things in life. My age is a tell. They ask me how old I am and grow pale. “I’m not in a rush!” I reasure. “It will happen when it happens!” I coerce. And they run. Dammit. They called my bluff. It will only get worse when I turn 36!!!

Two Gray Hairs and Counting
Did I tell you that I found two gray hairs? Well, I did. I wanted to cry. I needed someone to hold me and rock me like a child who lost a tooth. Yes, it’s a big deal. It means I am getting…old. Oh Lord. Someone hold me now!

Everyone Asks Me Where Are My Babies
I just returned from the Dominican Republic where I enjoyed a week with no Internet. I also defended my empty uterus daily. Every time a family member that I don’t remember but knew my name asked, “Do you have kids?” I had to look away from their sad eyes and judgement. My ovaries are still weeping.

So Many Things to Do
In all seriousness, I feel like time is running out! I have so many things that I want to do professionally and personally. I don’t want to age! I don’t want arthritis! I don’t want a head full of grays! I don’t want my hormones to go insane (cause they already are). I don’t want to be so moody that I don’t give a shit. Well, actually, that sounds quite nice.

So, here’s to 36 – a year where I will continue living, breathing and loving, and hopefully not bitching. Happy early birthday to me!!!

How do you feel about birthdays?

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